Meaning is Felt Understanding.

More Life.
More Meaning.
More Understanding.

"Understanding appears only when one feels and senses what is connected with it." - George Gurdjieff

Hi, I'm Tyler Kavanaugh.

Welcome to my space. I love inspiring others and creating a world where people are overflowing with life. I created The Zen Master because we will make the world free.

What is The Zen Master About?

Meaning and Understanding.

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Who Are You?

I Am a Living Mystic.

I want to know what it means to be human.

What? Why? How?

FAQ - What Why How

I created The Zen Master because I believe in real freedom.

I am concerned that most intellectuals today will go mad from an overabundance of knowledge and I believe simple wisdom is the way to address this.

I am concerned that my world suffers from a lack of understanding.

I race against this concern by continuously seeking the highest wisdom and I have found fruit. I continue as a seeker. I aim to distill wisdom as a giver.

My conviction is equipping all people with wisdom.

Freedom is found through understanding.
My conviction is sharing understanding.

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Who Are You and What Are Your Past Works?

Top Thinkers Answer Frequently Asked Questions

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How To Deal With Insecurity?
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  • The Search πŸŒ„
  • So You Want To Heal 🌻
  • The CommunityπŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘
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