FAQ - What? Why? How?

What Do You Do?

Who Are You?

I am a pragmatic optimist.

What Do You Do?

I give meaning.
I share secrets of wisdom.

What Do You Want?

To refresh and inspire you.

I want you to be unlocked to the access of your Genius, Loving, Creative Spirit.


Because I am in love with the heart of humanity.


By giving curated understanding.

What Do You Gain From This?

I find my voice and self-actualize.

Why Do You Focus On Self-Actualizing?

This focus has brought joys and fulfillment in my life.
Everything here has helped me focus on improving my life.
This is the way that I invest in myself.
The content I share is the core of that focus.

What Do You Mean By These Words?

See the core content pieces.

Is it dangerous to believe ideas?


Is it dangerous to listen to ideas?


What Do You Point To?

I am pointing to that place where we remember that there is more to life,
from where the doors of opportunity open,
where the qualities of our essence return to our hearts.

Why Does This Matter To You?

When you love yourself, you find your focus and pursue your goal.
I love myself and focus on my goal.

This is also my masterwork, the hope I have for humanity.

What Do You Believe?

I believe humanity is one step away from regaining all.

""That life is heaven," he said to me suddenly,

"That I have long been thinking about"; and all at once he added, "I think of nothing else indeed." He looked at me and smiled. "I am more convinced of it than you are, I will tell you later why."

I listened to him and thought that he evidently wanted to tell me something.

"Heaven," he went on, "lies hidden within all of us–here it lies hidden in me now, and if I will it, it will be revealed to me to-morrow and for all time."

I looked at him; he was speaking with great emotion and gazing mysteriously at me, as if he were questioning me.

"And that we are all responsible to all for all, apart from our own sins, you were quite right in thinking that, and it is wonderful how you could comprehend it in all its significance at once. And in very truth, so soon as men understand that, the Kingdom of Heaven will be for them not a dream, but a living reality." - The Brothers Karamazov

I love this. I am able to drink from the source and I feel a full fulfillment I am able to drink in my soul.
I feel that my wish is aligned with the Creator's, and I know that what I have to give is worthwhile.

So, I'll be here, creating and refining and improving and adapting and sharing more.

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