Hi, I'm Tyler Choice.

Welcome to my space. I love inspiring others and creating a world where people are overflowing with life. I created The Zen Master because we will make the world free.

"Understanding appears only when one feels and senses what is connected with it." - George Gurdjieff

I created this publication to improve your conscious and critical thought. Thank you for reading!
I have a background in hacking and reverse-engineering, and I enjoy using those processes to deconstruct ideas.

I've had a mystic's experience of life, and I am fascinated by wisdoms and seek to search for them to the ends of earth.

I've combined these fields to deconstruct ideas impartially and create pure content for my readers.

What Do I Teach?

I teach how to find the core of meaning,

how to focus on a center.


1 - THE ZEN N!

2 - T H O T H

Releasing Q3-Q4 2024


Break free from limitation. 


By changing the way you think. 

What does that do? 

It divorces you from the headspace of a mind full of external thoughts from external forces. 

This is the way.


I am asking,

1 - What Is The Convergence Of Meaning?

2 - What Does It Mean To Be Human?

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Inquiries can be sent to contacttylerchoice@gmail.com.

Get Unstuck in 3 Steps:

Neutral + Passive + Active = Flow.

The secret to Flow is achieved in 1, 2, 3:
alternating your attention from
1: the passive state to
2: the active state to
3: the neutral state,

1. Rest.
2. Learn.
3. Work.

Rest -> Learn -> Work = Flow.

A sentence for memorization,

I Am Resting To Learn Work Flow.

The PDF: 1 2 3 - FLOW



What is the Current Newsletter Series?

The current series is:

The EZ Question.

The Hard and Many Take Answers. The Easy and Few Ask Questions.

Check Out:

How Effective People Think: New Ways of Comprehension and New Ways of Thinking

Testimonials for Tyler – Alias: 'Divi'


1 - So You Want To Change The World

2 - Three Steps to Success

Want More?

The highlights.

What I'm Reading 📚

The Zen World 🌎

Divorce yourself from the headspace of external thoughts and forces by becoming formless, 

by gaining the undivided, pure, focused concentration of your total being. 

The constant pursuit of your singular concentration is your goal, 
the center of your circle.

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