The Centering Of The Center

Center All Of Your Life On A Singular Purpose.

The Centering Of The Center
Hi, I’m Tyler Choice. I have a background in hacking and reverse engineering, and I enjoy using those processes to deconstruct information.
In this work, I center on Gurdjieff's foundational reason for being.

Osho has realized Gurdjieff’s final secret and is teaching this without saying it. He is pointing people towards it.

The Secret To All Systems Is The Center. 

There are two steps to this realization.

The First Step Is:
The Realization That You Must Center All Of Your Life On A Singular Purpose.

Centering serves many functions. Centering allows all goals and pursuits to refine, align, and converge onto a single point. With a single point, all chaos refines into order, and all phenomena serve the single purpose. 

Regarding the future, it creates a clarity and a definitive goal, a definitive aim for which to call from the future. 

The Second Step:
The Realization That There Is Only One Possible Goal On Which:
–All life can center around,
–All systems can center around,
–All goals can center on. 

The only possible goal is:

The Centering Of All Of Your Life On The Single Goal Of The Center. 

The center is the goal.
This is the secret of all secrets:

The Whole Life Can Revolve Around The Center.

To set the center as the purpose, the priority, allows all systems to come into alignment. 

There are endless reasons for this. To start, the pursuit of the center as the goal is like creating a self-referential loop. 

Next, the pursuit of the center as the goal is within the reach of a person, not dependent on outside circumstances.  

The centering on the center is a goal which is not split, not duality.

Whereas a person. due to the nature of mind, chooses between two focuses and cannot decide finally on one or the other. 

A person says, "Don’t take the material path. Take the spiritual path. You can’t have both."

A person says, "Don’t take the spiritual path. You get nothing for it. You can’t have both."

There is always a division, a conflict between the paths. 

The one who reaches the end of the material path says,

“I have attained all of my desires, and I am still empty. I thought I was rich, but I am the poorest of all people.” 

The one who reaches the end of the spiritual path attains to the perspective of Ecclesiastes, who says, 

“Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher,
    vanity of vanities! All is vanity.
What does man gain by all the toil
at which he toils under the sun?
A generation goes, and a generation comes,
    but the earth remains forever.” - Ecclesiastes

For the spiritual seeker, all ends in vanity, all turns to dust in his hands, because at the end he arrives back at where he began, with nothing. 

The Hebrew term hebel, translated vanity or vain, refers concretely to a “mist,” “vapor,” or “mere breath,” and metaphorically to something that is fleeting or elusive. 

– I think a minor tragedy is a human ending at Ecclesiastes as their final truth in this life.

The spiritual seeker reaches the same end as the material seeker. Arriving at where they began. Arriving at nothing. 

The center of a being is a whole, a constant, timeless.

If you understand what I mean by self-referential loop, I mean that it is the Beginning and the End. 

This information has value only if you actualize it. 

The issue with this information is the ego’s identification and desire for ownership. 

The ego thinks,

“Gurdjieff has found his reason for being as being. I wonder what my reason for being is?” 

The ego says,

"That is their purpose. What is my purpose?"

The ego wants to own its own purpose, to be identified with it as its own. 

This is based in the concept of finding a purpose, and a potential misunderstanding. 

Gurdjieff does not find a purpose. 

Gurdjieff chooses a purpose, he creates his reason. 

Gurdjieff creates his reason for being as being. 

All Systems And The Whole Life Can Revolve Around Your Center.

The Centering of The Center:

The Centering Of All Of Your Life On The Single Goal Of The Center. 

What Would Your Future Be Like If You Tried To Go In Several Directions At Once?

What Would Your Life Be Like If All Of Your Life And Goals Were In A Continuous Harmony And Alignment,

A Singular Flow Toward Your Goal?

The centering of the center is a "self-referential loop" -- a point that goes into itself.

G: Like, everything is becoming what it already was?

Yes, in an abstraction, but I mean taking action to set the center as the goal, the destination, the purpose.
G: The center?
What if you don’t make the center the priority?
Then what happens?

Then you have a division.

G: So?

So that is fine if you are fine with that.

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