Steps To That - 07-08-24

Steps to That.

  • Some days ago, I imagined all people on earth congratulating me. 
  • Two days ago, I used The Work by Byron Katie to identify that I had created a belief that I could not fit in, and this created a negative identity. This related to the fear of rejection. 
  • That night, with β€œTantra,” I opened my to heart to embracing all rejection in the world. I felt darknesses and disgusting emotions release from my body. 
  • Yesterday, I had the excess necessary to have had another Satori if I had done nothing else but practice a technique.
  • I instead read The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus. I saw that my desires for rebelliousness and independence are in themselves a form of slavery, of which I would be condemned to the results of my own choices. I also accepted failures and undesirables in the present moment.
  • Yesterday, I consciously imagined and accepted every person I have met known rejecting me. 
  • Today and the last days, I have firmly established that if I write my intention on paper and draw a circle around it, it will be created acceptably.
  • Today, I was led into the bookstore to find Sufi Thought and Action by Idries Shaw. I see the ways I have gone off of the Path.