The Zen N! #45

Reverse-Engineering Naval Ravikant. Part II.

The Zen N! #45

The Focus of The Newsletter

This newsletter took a little longer to put together. I took some extra time to polish this to be the best I could possibly produce for my readers.

This Week's Newsletter Contains,

The EZ Question X: - Case Study: NAVAL RAVIKANT - Part II

Hi, I’m Tyler Choice. I have a background in hacking and reverse engineering, and I enjoy using those processes to deconstruct ideas.
In this work, I use the processes described in The EZ Question to find the most probable perspective that influences Naval's future.

Entrepreneur and Investor. Naval is the founder of Angellist, Epinions, and He is an Angel investor in Twitter, Uber, Yammer, and 100+ more. Naval has become widely followed for his thoughts on startups, investing, crypto, wealth, and happiness.

Naval's Top Tweets on Life

Naval has for decades been the authoritative voice of the Twitter-sphere.

The EZ Question: Case Study: Naval Ravikant - Part II

How Can I Know The Long-Term Effect Of My Action And Make a Decision Based On That Information?

The solution to this may not be in the form of direct actions, but may first require meta-concepts:

The stance, the perspective, the frame, the state to approach the problem.
It may require having a mind that can perform this feat.

So, does Naval have the answer to this for himself? If he does, and this is his favorite question, then it is likely that his favorite information involves the answer to that question.

If you remember the thinking model presented in this series,

Without Bias, Choose The Best of The Best.

The person is already selected, now,

What is The Best of Their Best?

How can you know?

You can know because a person is quick to tell you. A person tells the world of their favorite things.

What's Naval's favorite tweet?
With a little bit of digging, one can find it here.


How Do You Know?
A person is quick to tell you.

Source: Naval's Blog

--Out of these 3, I will center on: A Calm Mind.

Consider what it means that this bit of information is Naval’s favorite. What does that mean?
It means that this is the thought he returns to again and again.
This is a focus. That is, out of all of Naval’s information, the best of the best is his focus.

If Naval’s goal is success, than this focus is what he sees as the answer for becoming successful in his way.

This is easily reverse-engineered in part III.

In Short,

A person's favorite perspective influences the way they operate in the world and achieve their outcomes.
If you listen for the best of their best, you can know the stance they take to achieve results.
A person's best of their best is their focus.
A person's focus is the idea they return to again and again.

A Person's Best of Their Best Is The Idea They Return To Again And Again.

If You Find The Best of Their Best, You Can Know What Causes Their Results.

Questions For Reflection

How does your day go when you are stuck in a negative perspective?

What are the outcomes of your future if you remained in that perspective?

What is the best of your best?

How do you feel when you engage in life with this perspective?

What was a time in your life where you felt truly valuable, when you felt like your gifts and abilities were seen by others?

Can you remember your favorite moment of accomplishment in this life?

Perhaps a time where you helped someone, maybe even a time you pulled someone out of a crisis, or perhaps gave support to a person younger than you?

Can you remember a time when you did something that seemed superhuman, even impossible? What was that like?

What times in your life did you experience a calm internal mental state?

How would your daily experience change if you approached it from a calm mind? What kind of clarity would you have?

What options could open up to you if you could see a clear vision of your future?

What is the future cost of setting an intention to move forward with a clear perspective as your priority?
What is the future cost of not?

What would your life be like if you lived from the mindset of the best perspective you know?

Can you remember a famous person or celebrity who h talked about consistently remembering their wins?  

The Easy Questions:

What Is The Best Of My Inspiration's Best?

What Is The Best of My Best?

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If you'd like more perspective on setting a focus, I've recently published the centering of the center.

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