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- To Be Human

To Be Human

What Really Is Truth?

Years of reading the inspirations of great people in history, I can only conclude:

Truth is to Really Know What It Means To Be Human.

To hit the truth at its core, this is to find what it means to be human.

The truth at the center of every beauty is what it means to be human.

The truth is at the center of every great work and meaning.

To be human is to be: unapologetically true and real to this experience.

The core of truth is the possibility of embracing and having communion with this experience.

It is in this that all delusions are wiped out and the core of meaning is rediscovered.

A mind becomes pure.

There is no value in positioning yourself for or against this, comparing yourself to this.

There is only the question,

Do I want to know what it means to be human?

There are seekers and non-seekers.
Seekers are seeking this question, though they may not know it.
This is the direction of the great pursuit.

What does it mean to be human?

This is the fundamental question.
The answer to this question can only be found within, but it is also not possible for one person to find alone.
It is the work of many, found in the greatest works of humanity,
to discover the answer to this question.

The Path, the Great Path, Is The Path of Discovery.

The Answer is the Path,

What it means to be human to me is: Discovery. We Discover.

Notice the limitation in the mind, it wants to hold on to old understanding, old beliefs. The mind never seems to like the possibility that there could be more to life, more meaning to life, more meaning to being alive.

This is a different way of thinking than normal thinking.
To follow that path, you have to change your thinking, to think about this question, to change your perspective.

What does it mean to be human?

This thinking is an exploration, a journey. It will never simply happen to you.

No voice, not my voice or any other voice will ever cause that exploration to happen to you.

The journey only happens if you choose to explore it, to change your perspective to think about it, to think about something more, something beyond.

To go on this path, you have to explore.

The path requires exploration. The path is a focus. You have to choose to focus on it, or the next moment comes and you are distracted.

One moment you were curious and wonder-filled, but as you did not set a focus, it slips away from you, you become distracted and go back to your normal thinking.

To change this, you choose.
No problems are solved by thinking about them.

If you want to escape the internal suffering of your mind,
you have to focus on something else, something meaningful, and make it a consistency.

What do I mean by Choose?
I mean that you establish your focus as a single target that you think about all the time, every day.

That means establishing it in your mind, it also means writing it down and placing it somewhere in front of you that you see every day.

Whether you believe you can reach it or not, you pursue your focus at least a micro amount each day.
Is this my personal truth? Subjective truth? Objective truth? Absolute truth?

I would call this the observing of a shared human history and story.
I'm not directly stating truth itself, rather, the direction of it.
When I write that the answer is the path, what I mean is that the pathway of the seeker does lead to truth, if one travels far enough along it.
The pathway is a road that when found, one knows it, because it begins the journey of a lifetime.
I could say many things about the path,
I could say that you are not seeking the path, the path is seeking you, that you do not find the path, the path has always been finding you.

The perspective changes when you realize that the words you read that resound as truth in your own soul, is the voice of your own soul resounding back into you.
Once you have recognized your own true voice, you begin to separate yourself from noise, a pathway is seen that was always there.

What was a time in your life when you felt that you had realized something unbelievable, incredible?

What is your Truth?

What is your Focus?

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