The Self-Work System I

I'm sharing some work for creating the processes to actualize your personal vision.

Hi, I'm Tyler Choice. I have a background in hacking and reverse-engineering.
I deconstructed and refined the processes of others and built a system for building out your life called The 1-2 Solution, and I'm now working on the homework that plugs into that the system, named The Self-Work System.

In this newsletter, I'm sharing with you that work you can get started on yourself at any time. I've used it myself!

Step 1: Identify Your Purpose

This is to get an idea of what you would like to start creating or learning now.

What Is My Question:

What is my ultimate question?

What Is My Purpose:

What do I care about? What do I enjoy doing when I am bored?

What is the problem I am solving?

It is okay if you don't have these answers now. Just asking them in your head may give you answers later on in the day.

Step 2: The Input - Output Equation

In the 1-2 Equation,

We will define an Input - Output Equation.

The 1-2 Solution has no affiliation with @AlexHormozi.

We will define:
1. inputs, what you do, and

2. your output, the result.

1: Input = Self + Work

2: Output = Focus

For one example of mine, this could be:

1: Input = Life + Newsletter

2: Output = Help people become more free.

My Equation:

Life + Newsletter = Help people become more free.

Why is Life a part of the equation?

Because you are going to have to structure your life to support your other input.

What is your Input?

What is your output?

What is your equation?

You can fill in the above by just copying what I did and replacing it with your own answers. Save these somewhere important, like a journal or a google docs file!

What do you think of this work? Is it confusing, easy, is there something you'd like to learn more about how to do? Let me know at

More to come.