So You Want To Change The World

Friend, you have heard it said: you are always changing the world.
You don't feel that you are changing the world. You have desensitized yourself to recognize your impact because you don't want to be aware of creating a negative impact on the world.

This is the reason for mindful meditation.

As you know, reactionary behavior negatively impacts your life, your world, and your relationships.

Meditation is a non-obvious investment. It is a free investment that costs nothing and is not pressured upon you by reactionary people.
The more time one has invested into meditation, the less reactionary one becomes as a person over all of one's behaviors and actions overall.
The less reactionary you are, the more significant the positive impact you can leave on the world.
The more you invest in meditation, the less reactionary you become and the more of a non-reactionary person you become.
Again, if you are more non-reactionary, all your behaviors and actions are less reactionary.
Consider that one moment of stopping is one moment you did not create reactionary behavior in the world.
The world also will react to you stopping to a direct proportion to its reactivity. A non-reactive person becomes a brick wall against moving cars.

Nonreactive = natural flowing behavior.
Reactive = pain.

Forget buzzwords, forget techniques and methods, recognize that all it is, is stopping.
The more time you invest in pausing, the less reactive behavior you will bring into your world.
It does not matter what you do when you become non-reactive because it's who you are.

Your life is too short to live outside of the moment.