How Effective People Think: New Ways of Comprehension and New Ways of Thinking [PUBLIC]

The people who are leveling up are on a road that becomes more easy the higher they go.

Imagine spending 40 years of your life not knowing you could google search a question.

Instead, you spent 8 hours a day trying to figure out an answer you could have had in 10 seconds.

Now imagine that you can now google and how much more you can get done with your remaining years.

Now imagine how much you could have done in the first 40 years if you had known how to google from the start.

Most of why you are stuck where you are is because you have an unrealistic concept of how effective people operate.

You think that they operate more effectively because they are more intelligent or work harder, so they can use more complicated ways to get things done, and that is the difference between you and them.

This belief has no basis in reality.

Effective people invest in finding the best ways of operation earlier on.

They are more effective because they have to work less and use less effort because how they operate is simpler and easier, making them more efficient.

The people at the top are not complex geniuses. They are simple and easy and this allows them to do much more with their lives than those around them.

There is no barrier to entry.

More efficient, more simple thinking is simply a matter of exposure to simple thinking.

Whatever your goal is, whatever your dreams are, they can be pursued in an inefficient complex way that takes you 40 years to reach the goal,

Or, you can pursue them in an easy way that works for you to get the same results in one year, month. or day.

If you operate more simply and efficiently, this continues to scale. You can get done what you could have gotten done in a day in an hour, what you could have done in an hour in one moment,

With none of the stress, effort, or difficulty that you expect and believe are required. These false expectations and beliefs cause you to play a losing game.

Life trajectory is a non-biased matter of when you decide to invest in learning how to ask better questions faster.

When I was 20, I believed everything had to be difficult.

I stressed myself out trying to do things and build things, and I believed that everyone above me was smarter and more capable.
I believed I was a certain kind of person and that certain information applied to me.
I would read books that “I” would read. If I had looked at the top, I would have seen these people and thought, “I can’t do what they’re doing,” and I couldn’t have.

I wasn’t thinking, “How are they thinking?”

I wasn’t thinking that because I believed they were more complex and advanced than me.

I assumed that I couldn’t be thinking like them.

Years later, I understood that my view of reality was false.

These people are not total masochists bleeding their fingers to reach their goals.

They are simple people, and simplicity allows them to do much more with their time. I had been looking at what they do and not how they do it.

I thought I was not on that level. I was playing a game that was more difficult for no reason.

Then I saw that when I stopped being biased toward myself and my beliefs and stuck in the thinking of “my level,”
And just looked at the thinking of the people at the top,
I realized it’s all simple.

All it is is exposing yourself to how simple, effective people think because that changes how you think.

Then, when I finally saw reality how it was and not how I had believed it was,

I understood one simple fact that changed my trajectory entirely.

The people who are leveling up are on a road that becomes more easy the higher they go.

The higher you go, the easier it gets.

In other words,

The most effective people in the world are looking to find out how to make what they do easier, not harder.

Let me say that again,

the most effective people in the world are continually making what they do easier, not harder.

That means their work is becoming less complex, not more complex.

Once I understood this, my trajectory changed.

Instead of staying at the level where I would have stayed stuck forever,
I would have become a 60-year-old 20-year-old and burned out,

Instead, I realized that life is a very simple game, it is non-biased. All it is–is how quickly you can receive the most simple wisdom and the most simple ways of operation to become more simple and more effective.

You can understand this if you can understand that it does not take much to think more simply. You familiarize yourself with people who think more simply.

You end up thinking like those you associate with.

In your mind you think of how your brain is now, how it is an inefficient learning tool, difficult to use.

That is how I saw my mind.

What I didn’t know is that there are concepts that once the brain is exposed to and comprehends,

the entire brain gains that comprehension, and that new comprehension affects everything you do and think.

In other words, if you learn gardening,

Everything you learned in gardening applies to everything else you do.

In this same way, if you expose yourself to the easier ways of doing things that people have found, then the way you do everything becomes easier.

All effective people realize this and do the same thing I have done, and you can do.

They realized that there are easier ways of doing things and they looked at the people who were doing things easier.

You can do things the hard way or the easy way.

You can spend 20 years doing things the hard way, stuck and never moving forward, or you can take a tool from someone doing things easier.

One name for these tools is Mental Models.

FS Blog has collected the best.

I will likely be sharing the best of these in the future.

What is YOUR Vision?

How do you see yourself in that vision?

How do you see yourself getting to that vision?

Imagine yourself in that vision. How did that person get there?

Did they take the hard way or the easy way?

Quotes of the Week

“It sounds like a part of [what you are saying about creating wealth] is about escaping competition through authenticity. It sounds like a part of this is a search for who you are."
“Its both a search and a recognition.
Because sometimes when we search, our egos want to be something that we aren't. “
The great founders tend to be authentic iconoclasts.” - Naval
“Combine your vocation and your advocation.
What you love to do, and what you do do.” - Robert Frost

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