Who Am I + Past Works

The best of my past content.

I am a mystic.
This means I experience a totality of human experiences.

Some of my past works:

I often am looking into the nature of all which is Eternal and Unchanging, on sharing the ultimate possibility of your existence,

and am always leaning on the perspective that the model of Consciousness I ultimately choose as my working understanding will define the limits of my possibility, recurrently finding that The quality of my life today is based on how I perceive the world.

Founded in 2019 as a message hidden inside many computer programs and websites that the world is beautiful, and since publishing The Introduction to FOCUS,

I am also the creator of The Magic Page Technique, the author of the radically fresh and dangerously controversial pair of public works: The Gospel of Love and The Gospel of Love 2, the founder of entertainment website and Source of Cultivated Creativity in the Matrix, SorceRawr.com,

the artist behind a project that allows the user to navigate through words: LightDark.art,

and in another life, I am addressing issues such as how we treat the houseless, impoverished, and suffering in pieces such as Using Influence to Disrupt Patterns in the Cycles of Addiction and Homelessness is Not a Problem.

Some of my favorite pieces from the years to let you into what this consciousness focuses on and cares about: