FOCUS - "Focus On"

FOCUS - "Focus On"

This is an early introduction to
FOCUS: Focus On Compassion Understanding Surrender.

F - Focus
O - On


On means towards, in the direction of.
What you place your focus on determines your results.

Focus On is the complete approach. The other 3 letters of this recursive acronym, C, U, S, are my approach, not yours, because those 3 give me the results that I desire.

What you focus on will become you, but there are things you can focus on that will engulf you.

They will swallow you, and you will lose the current qualities of your results, becoming reborn with new ones instead.

If what you desire is results, there is no other way. If the current you does not possess the quality to output the results you want, then you have to die to the present you and move on.

The question is, what do you focus on?

Does what you become betray you, betray your integrity?

You can focus on directions that change you in a way that causes you to lose yourself and your essence to justify the means to your results.
This will not only cause you damage but also regret.

You can also focus on directions that change you in a way that will still cause you to die to the qualities of your current self,

but which also get closer to your real essence by leaning into your integral values, those highest ideals you feel to be true in your heart.

You can focus on a direction that leans into the sense of your genuine self.

This is why you feel like you want to be different. Right now, you don't feel like the present you is the fullness of you.

You don't feel like the way you are currently self-expressing is true to how you really are, to how you really wish to self express.

You have to die to how you are currently expressing to have the way you wish to be seen rise from within you.

This happens by focusing on becoming closer to the direction in which that expression is.

Finding that true self-expression is a matter of determining what aspects of you bring forth and evoke that true expression, and this means that you still have yet to learn what aspects are in the direction of your true self.

Discernment is to learn to identify which aspects of you are in the direction of your true self,

your highest, ultimate self, and to focus on those aspects.

Your highest values and highest meaning are your starting data,
that sense of inner trust and truth are your equipment.