How Do I Stop Judging?

The way to cancel out one action is to replace it with another action.

If you try to stop judging, you will fail.

Judgment is an action.

The way to cancel out one action is to replace it with another action.

The way to start a new action is to first intend for it, establish how you will do it, and then enact that plan.

The new action is something that replaces judgment. Perhaps kindness. It could be simply intending wellness for the person.

Judgment is not only a psychological, psychic, or spiritual attack in the theoretical. It is also an attack in action. There are two parts to the attack.

If you want to cease judging others negatively,

you have first to understand the second part of the attack.

The first part of the attack is with your words.

The second part of the attack is with your eyes. 

This attack is where the energetic thievery is,

This attack is how you curse someone with your eyes.

The attack is in the perception of your eyes,

your eyes cast an image onto that person.

How you look at them is an image that you have stained them with.

You can bless them with a positive image, a positive perspective, a positive sight of them,

Or you can curse them with a negative image, negative perspective, negative sight,

You curse them with a shadow of their true self.

This is not only a metaphor. There are layers to 'reality,' whether or not you can sense them.

Yes, there is an attack in the physical with your actual gaze, an attack in the psychological in the mind, an attack in the emotional, an attack in the spiritual, 

in the spiritual with the image you actually project, using your ability to intend and create.

When you curse, you are cursing a person on every level of reality. Of course, this is the case when you bless. It is the case that every action you take affects every layer of reality,

However, if you are not sensitive, you will not sense it.

We are not sensitive to this because our hearts are closed. Our hearts are closed because it would cause us great overwhelm if we were to become aware of the full gravity of the consequences of our actions.

Your applied intent towards others indeed affects them significantly. In this way, people, even "non-spiritual" people, possess far more power than they realize.

How much more consequential for the person who curses reality without even knowing it?

How much more consequential is the person actively blessing reality while understanding it?

Of course, every level of reality includes the reality that exists inside of you,

As this is the case, it is impossible to bless without blessing yourself in return.

The way out of judgment is the habit of blessing.