FAQ - What Resources Are Available?

I want to learn spiritual and life concepts from the best minds on Earth. Where is the best place on the site to do that?

The Concepts section of the site is curated towards the deepest and richest concepts available. Updated nearly every week.

Concepts 🧩

I want to learn from the greatest minds. Who are they?

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Fyodor Dostoevsky
  • Jesus Christ
  • Lao Tzu
  • Siddhartha Buddha

Do you have information about changing my life?

Life changing information is shared at

The Search πŸŒ„

Do you have content about inner healing?

Information on healing is shared at

So You Want To Heal 🌻

How can I learn about becoming more creative?

This information is shared at

To The Creative πŸ–ŒοΈ

How do I get creatively unstuck?

The Magic Page Technique addresses this issue. I'm working on another iteration that further targets stuckness.

How do you read?

See: How I Read 13 Books in One Day + 30 Second Strategy + How To Get Yourself To Read

What is your advice to Seekers?

What do you recommend as an explanation of real meditation?

I recommend this explanation.
There are more introductions on the Concepts page.

What do you recommend as an Intro To Meditation?

I recommend Tara Brach's introductions,

Tara Brach: How To Meditate - FAQ - PDF

Tara Brach: How To Meditate - PDF

Where are the best curated meditations on the site?

The best meditations on the site are found on this tag filter,


What is the current best theory of this universe?


The Holographic Universe

What are the best books?

You should definitely check out the ongoing public project, archiving the favorite books of Osho and my own:

"161 Books I Have Loved" + Divinie’s Spiritual Books Database


This project is linked on:

What I'm Reading πŸ“š

Is there more content on the site?

There is much more content on the site. If you're interested you can look through the menu bar. On mobile devices this is on the top right and looks like this:

Is there a community I can join?

We have an active Discord server.
"A community where we get better with other artists because we shouldn't go it alone. Here we support and encourage each other. Join us!"

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