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"Be careful, or your hearts will be weighed down by dissipation, drunkenness, and the anxieties  of life, and that day will close unexpectedly on you like a trap. For it will come upon all those who live on the face of the whole earth. Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man."

This is not a message of fear, but of the soul. In this time, do not fill your soul with distractions and the drunkenness of entertainment. Rest and meditate on the Lord, and let your meditation be sweet to him.

My regret,

that I had not read The Brothers Karamazov in my youth, and that no one has taken Zosima's final instructions to the Fathers into practice:
"For one hour, read the gospel [without your religions additions] to the people.."

To the Seeker:

Take every word of Christ from the four Canonicals, His words alone, and keep them before you. Keep the stories around them known to you, for you will find it impossible to remove them as necessary context. Have an awareness of Christ's divine human personality, the rebellious Creative intellectual archetype, just as the Divine Child archetype is clearly represented in human mythology.  

Recognize Action and Wisdom as aspects of Christ, but do not narrow your vision to these alone or you will Create Christ in your mind's image.  

Take Christ's words and replace all phrases of "I" and "Me" with Spirit in most cases, as Christ opens His mouth to speak the voice of Spirit directly and without filter.  This is especially so for the vineyard parable.  

In other cases, such as, "You do not know Me," "You clothed Me." "You fed Me." is the voice of Love. This is not a metaphor.  I repeat, this is not a metaphor.
Love is not Christ. Christ is Love.  
I silence all confusion.  
Listen: Love is, it exists within Consciousness.
In the same way, Christ's God is not a God of Goodness, Christ's God is Good. Good is, it exists within Consciousness.  
Good is not man's idea of good, it is independent of man's mind.  
Good is not the good in the karmic wheel in a struggle against evil, as part of this earth.
Good is independent of time, in the future.
Good is the force which creates good in the world and it can be allied with, that is why it is a choice.  
An action must be supported by the force of goodness in that instant for it to be a good action.  
I Silence confusion.  
This is why it is a logical fallacy to believe that anyone who does wicked is representing Good in that moment.  
This is why they did works but never knew Good or Love.  
Good is a participatory force, the only way to access it is by letting go, which is what man calls "humility."

Pursue Ambition and Destiny in earnest,  

but without too much inner strife, they are not the point. Find Stillness and Peace, life is not for stories or legacies, though the human drama bears a hint of Divinity, keep mindful that stories are only stories. Your soul is here to learn a few lessons and that is all, pray to your Father to be willing and discerning in learning your lessons easily and your burdens will be lightened.

If you are a Light,

survive until you can distance yourself from the noise.  Then, Christ provides a guidebook for surviving as a light, including not to preach in your hometown and to run to the next city when it is appropriate. For a light to survive the darkness it must stand on a hill. It goes to deserts to fill them with water.  Do not seek the monastery, take the light into deserts.  Become the monastery.

Do not listen to the common man,

especially not common Christian man, he lives on fear of Death and darkness. Confront darkness and it will make you strong. Beware of taking ignorance as false virtue, have an arsenal of words, do not be one who lingers frailly on a few choice scriptures and does not seek truth and wisdom.  Beware of being a mind enslaved by choice verse,  who hangs onto "Be as graceful as doves and shrewd as snakes." and does not expand his arsenal, for the human has all capacities of all the animals and divinity.  

You cannot be a Seeker and fear seeking.

There are false doctrines and many traps and many lures and enchantments of the soul that can harm you and waste your time, especially the more disconnected, unconscious, or demonic, most of these are analytical knowledge or from a spiteful grudge. The worst of these are the unconscious knowledgeable words of today's Man, written and spoken around you.  A general tip: If you are finding that all of the works leave your soul starving and barren,  Then, for a time, do not read any books written in the last hundred years or recent centuries.  

For the darkness on the path of seeking Wisdom, there is a key.  

Man in his phases seems to look to other doctrine when he has grown tired of God, and so he leaves home and loses himself.  In all your ways, in every direction you take, be acknowledging and Thoughtful of God with you, do not be far from Him in your mind, do not be far from your heart, and stay in touch with your essence. Most bad doctrine is poisoned or dry of Spirit.  Take God with you on your search for truth.

After taking the words of Christ, take Proverbs as an instruction manual,  

an instruction manual alone, for how to create a wise consciousness,  a brain that can self-refine its wisdom. All judgment of preference and opinion, and this or that, likable or unlikable, cast these aside, do not concern yourself with your preferences, those are a distraction.  Proverbs is an instruction manual only. Wisdom too, Wisdom of mind alone will not save you, as it did not save Solomon. Without Love and Spirit, you will perish.  

Then the Psalms, as a guidebook for prayer,  

but not only this, also as a guidebook for the reverence of all life,  a reverence of the whole life of the Soul,  this divine human soul and ALL of its experiences, its longings, its sorrows, all included and revered and disclosed to God in the totality of the human experience.

Then take the Tao Te Ching before you, and keep Christ with you.  

You will read the Tao and be confused, it will make no sense to you, you have not been refined by wisdom.  Your mind now is complex and complicated, full of duality and noise. The Tao to you will look only like an encoded cipher. Still, expose yourself to the entirety of the short text, and often.  
When the Tao is finally known to you, you will also notice that your way and operation and behavior are becoming the Tao, and that you are becoming perfect in all your ways. You will then instantly recognize those that are in the way of the Tao, the most effective agents of good which exists, though they do not speak of it.  
Perhaps the Tao is not even your normal mind, rather it is that mind which becomes contemplative in being with the sky and nature, that you have forgotten as you have not integrated these memories into your story of self. It is possible to have an understanding of the Tao with the mind of society, as it seems is the case of Dr. Wayne Dyer. His mind seems renewed by it, but his mind is not the mind of renewal itself.  
You will not decrypt the Tao until you hear the spoken words regarding it who has the mind of Tao. For me this was Osho's audio discourses on the Tao.  

–I had once listened in my youth but I still could not hear.
Some years later, I could hear.

In my youth I believe I listened to Tao: The Golden Gate,

In later years I believe I listened to Tao: The Three Treasures and
Tao The Pathless Path.
The Three Treasures is the better of the two if I recall correctly.
The below links lead to the first volumes of these series,
search the site for the second volumes.


If it be your wish to be the Fool that rejects wisdom,

 then seek to become graceful in all your ways. Become Gracefulness. If you can fall into Gracefulness then you can find the Way.  

To The One Who Wants To Change The World

You can only change the world through meditation.  
If you do not see this is so, you simply have not thought it through enough.  
A man is complex and has many parts, his parts have many goals. Unless a man's parts are unified as one in the same direction to the goal, the goal to change the world is not possible. A man is also attached to his world, and he goes with it this way and that.  
Unless you are completely detached from the world that does not change, you cannot be an agent of change.  

"True words seem paradoxical."

You meditate to become one, to become oneness.  
This is not a type, this is not a label, this is You.  
Your oneness, Your meditation, no one else's.  
If you don't think you like meditation or that you were not built for it, then you do not understand what this word means.  
Become One with yourself. Become one and not two.  
Become undivided and not divided. Become Being.