So You Want To Heal 🌻

There are a million exercises for healing on the Internet, seas and seas of them with differing levels of value at different stages of life.
The best of the best healing content in the world will be stored right here.

This page is a treasure mine of cultivated resources. Much more coming soon.

Is Healing Possible for Me?

Yes. Healing is possible for you. Sometimes, I think we'd like someone to remind us of that. One thing I'll tell you ahead of time, one thing you find on the healing journey is that; you want to love yourself, eventually you find that you do love yourself a lot more than you thought you did.

What is the fastest way to Heal?

The fastest way to heal is to pray for healing. Life will bring you the right healing resources that are perfect for you specifically. The resources you need will seem to miraculously fall into your lap within a week.

You may not believe prayer works, the world has misunderstood prayer. There are specific things you can pray for that will return results, healing is one of those things.
Feel your desire to heal. Don't think about your desire to heal, feel the desire.
Acknowledge that when you are able to forgive yourself and others, you will do so.
Acknowledge that although you may be unable to feel compassion and love for yourself, it is your desire for this to happen. Sense that.
If you have difficulty sensing these things, then understand that there is some desire of kindness in you for yourself. Some part of you somewhere desires for you to not suffer. And, some part of you desires for humans not to suffer. Give thanks that many people who have suffered have healed,
and that, in this world, suffering may increase, but healing also increases in this world over the course of time.

Be on the lookout for the resources when they come. You may not recognize them if you aren't paying attention. Don't miss them.

But I don't pray.

Then wish. And if you don't wish, you may be already dead.
And if you don't have any wish for humans to suffer less, you're just really hurt. And it's that hurt that healing is possible for.

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To be Added

Use Your Thoughts To Optimize Your Health

Addresses the stress response and the reasons why.

Author's Note:
Before watching this, I reflected on the fact that what I am experiencing in my body is due to an awareness of human sorrow. I reflected on how much actual energy there is in sorrow, and the promise that "your sorrows will be transmuted into joys".

I reflected that I might honor this sorrow and be grateful for it, and decided that I can treat this experience as sacred. I can honor this sacred reality. I then remembered that I can view this life from the perspective that this is a sacred experience, to revere and cherish and be with.

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