The Search 🌄

The Search contains a vast and easily accessible library of information to equip you with the walk of life. 

Remember, the higher you get, the easier life is because the more you know how to glide and eventually fly and even access the flow state.

How do you get out of pain, and get others off your back? 

Find what you enjoy, learn what you don't know. 
Find your intrinsic motivators, find your purpose.
See different perspectives, access different mindsets.

Shift the frames through which you frame your reality. 
Shift the frame, shift reality.

Kickstart your vision and end weakness.

The more aware you are, the more you can see opportunities, the more you can escape traps and dangers, and the more you can skip falling.

The best information in the light of society is held by key players at the core center of a minority.
Their key information is what gives these players value to society.

If you gain that information, you gain that social value as well.
You can inform yourself as to how they think, how they influence the world, and the massive value they give to change millions of lives. 
The boat they are on is small. Once you're on the ride, you gain the info you wish you had had years ago.

They have value because their information improves the lives of those who hear it.
If you bring value to your own life, your own small world, the quality of your life increases.

Let's ride. 

More Content for Creatives

To The Creative is a start to the creative search, containing all of the best content on creativity I have ever found.

Includes more techniques, mantras, exercises and content from the collective.