The Search 🌄

Key Steps to Finding Your Purpose - Simon Sinek

How to Get Your Goals - After Skool
This is part of the best talk that exists online.

How to channel Light, how to equip yourself, get closer to your real self, and better evaluate the words of others

Searching for Direction in your life.

Life Changing Information

Shame and Empathy –

Everything You Know About Addiction is Wrong –

Gems from Arts and Culture

How you can create a portal with art and change the reality of the observer, creating a chain-reaction –

What real compassion looks like –

Alan Watts Explains Death –
This video is frequently removed from Youtube for copyright issues

Search for Light🕯️

What is Light? This is the light of your spirit, which you must awaken by hearing its voice.

“I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me; I was found by those who did not seek me.”

The Word

Search for Flow🌱

What is Flow? Flow is the Current of Destiny.

The Way


The Flow State

Search for Reality🗝️

What is Reality?


Archetypal Psychology


Search for Inspiration

  • Looking to do new things?

Search for Intuition

This will be a major future focus of The Zen Master Publication.

Studies into the intuition have included The Silva Technique.

Matt Kahn is also an unlocked Intuitive. He speaks directly from his Intuition in his books and in his YouTube channel in videos such as, "You Are Not a Concept".

Apostle Kathryn Krick is an unlocked Intuitive that is accessing the pure flow of the Conscious Stream, Consciousness' pure will and intention.

More Content for Creatives

To The Creative is a start to the creative search, containing all of the best content on creativity I have ever found.

Includes more techniques, mantras, exercises and content from the collective.