The Zen Master is a source focused on curating the best content that exists in the world to refresh and inspire you.

This matters to me because when you love yourself, you find your focus and pursue your ultimate goal. I love myself and focus on my ultimate goal.
This is also my masterwork, the hope I have for humanity.

I am an optimist, I believe humanity is one step away from regaining all.

I hear a lot of successful people say that when they find their success, they didn't find what they were looking for, it didn't satisfy them.
I love this. This satisfies me. I am able to drink from the source and I feel a full fulfillment I am able to drink in my soul.

I feel that my desire is with the Creator's desire, and I know that what I have to give is worthwhile.
So, I'll be here, creating and refining and improving and adapting and sharing more.

The Zen Master is my devotion to focus.

The Focus of The Zen Master is a Vision which gives us access to Life and Goodness.

This is the vision where we again remember that there is more to life, and from where the doors of opportunity open, and the beloved qualities of our essence return to our hearts, in that direction of He who promised,

"Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”

My Path

I often am looking into the nature of all which is Eternal and Unchanging, on sharing the ultimate possibility of your existence,

and am always leaning on the perspective that the model of Consciousness I ultimately choose as my working understanding will define the limits of my possibility, recurrently finding that The quality of my life today is based on how I perceive the world.

Founded in 2019 as a message hidden inside many computer programs and websites that the world is beautiful, and since publishing The Introduction to FOCUS,

I am also the creator of The Magic Page Technique, the author of the radically fresh and dangerously controversial pair of public works: The Gospel of Love and The Gospel of Love 2, the founder of entertainment website and Source of Cultivated Creativity in the Matrix, SorceRawr.com,

the artist behind a project that allows the user to navigate through words: LightDark.art,

and in another life, I am addressing issues such as how we treat the houseless, impoverished, and suffering in pieces such as Using Influence to Disrupt Patterns in the Cycles of Addiction and Homelessness is Not a Problem.

If You Love Others, Give Them Wings to Fly.

The Zen Master was created with a core focus of Eternal-Mindedness because this focus has brought incredible joys and fulfillment in my life. Everything here has helped me focus on improving my life, and this is the way that I invest in myself. The content I add is the core of that focus.

The Five Focuses

Eternal News.

Independent Thought.

Innate Genius.

Be The Most You Can Be.

Consciously Create Reality.

See more of the focuses of the top thought leaders in the world at


🧭 Mission

THE ZEN MASTER's Mission is to cause the activation of the fascination by opening hearts and creating meaningful moments.

This intention is stronger than any fear, because of the results that happen when we see hearts open!

πŸ” Vision

The vision is to be earth's most focused center for making flow, to disrupt a static system that has no flow, and to embrace the shared spirit of connectivity that unlocks access to limitless, infinite Destiny.

Yes, The Zen Master is interested in expanding consciousness. Yes, The Zen Master is prepared to explain what that means.

βš–οΈ Values

Choose the Heart.

Through the awareness of a depth of meaning, contextual data and accessible information increases.


Fun is The Play of The Game. This is what allows dormant potentials to rise.


I care about promoting organic, intuitive, independent thought to awaken the latent genius within you.

Build Authority.

Through the tangible potentials of spontaneous idea.


Being Here, Fulfilled in Fulfillment. Our goal is already accomplished.

Dream Big.

Moderation is important, so I want people to shoot for the impossible, as I will settle with landing at the miracles approaching Infinity.

Create Sanctuary Spaces.

Compassionate, connected, supporting spaces are conditions necessary to thrive.

Encourage Warriors of Heart.

This is what I am here for. 

"Swami Rama's abilities were measured experimentally at the Menninger Foundation in Topeka, Kansas in 1971. He was seen to be able to produce different brain waves at will. As he relaxed, he created alpha waves by "imagining an empty blue sky with drifting clouds" - Wikipedia

The value of accessing your eternal state is unprecedented. It's a more healthy state to live in. It's what puts you into that state of mind of completion and fulfillment, it is that state of mind beyond death, beyond time,

it is similar to flow.

It is the mind of Eternity, a mind within God.
It is accessible within only a moment.

I have looked forward to sharing this with you for a long time.

Once you get into your own flow, you're set free from outside distraction.

From that view, you can see all the distractions,
all the forces keeping the people around you stuck where they are.

"Everyone always talks about, you do one thing and there's a chapter and then another thing. No, what you want to do is get the best things of yourself into whatever you need to do next." - Tobias LΓΌtke

Is The Zen Master right for me?

Worst-case scenario, you decide you don't want to listen to the best of the world's most inspired ideas.

In any-case scenario, you join me on the ride to find the best version of ourselves we can possibly reach.

Our best-case scenario,
you hear the message you need to hear,
gain the understanding you're looking for,
and don't need to listen to anyone anymore.

Additional Concepts

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Who I am, my mission, and what The Zen Master is.

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The methods and meditations on the site.

Frame of Frames πŸ–ΌοΈ

The ideas that have created the frame of the current Creator mindset.

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All of the creative tools and exercises I ever found.

Reflections πŸ‘₯

Reflections on spiritual life.

Concepts 🧩

Collecting useful concepts.

The Search πŸŒ„

Resources for life purpose, direction, goals, wisdom, models of reality.

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A treasure mine of cultivated healing content.