When Grace and Creativity Meet, You Are Whole.

The feminine part gives you grace and the male part gives you creativity.

"The male mind is restless.

There also a blessing is possible: he can be very creative. But it has not been so. Rather than being creative he has become destructive; the blessing has turned into a curse.

Man's restlessness has made him very anxious, full of anxiety, tension.

His whole mind is constantly boiling, he is always on the verge of madness. Somehow he goes on managing to contain himself, but deep inside him there is a crowd ready to burst forth. Any small excuse, and the man can go mad.

Because of this restlessness man has lost his beauty, his grace.

Woman is graceful, beautiful. Just watch a woman, the way she walks, the way she sits – there is elegance. Her being has a subtle silence, a restfulness; you can feel it in her vibe. In a house where there is no woman you will see chaos.

You can immediately know whether the house is lived in by a bachelor: you will see chaos, all the things are topsy-turvy, nothing is in its right place.

You can immediately know whether a woman is part of the house or not, because everything is in harmony, in its place. There is a grace, a kind of exquisite climate, a very subtle climate of love, of culture, a musical quality to the house. When man lives alone there is a neurotic quality to the house.

Both of these are beautiful if used rightly.

Then the feminine part gives you grace and the male part gives you creativity.

And when grace and creativity meet, you are whole."

- Osho