The Zen N! #40 - The EZ Question VI

1 - Question. 2 - Seeking. 3. - Clarifying The Signature.

The Focus of The Newsletter

This Week's Newsletter Contains,

1. The EZ Question VI.

2. For The Seeker III: A quote from George.

3. Q&A Discussion: Clarifying The Signature.

1 The EZ Question VI

How Do I Ask Better Questions? 

And Why Should I?

I found the answers to these in two places. 

The first is the comprehension that intuition can be better than it is right now if it is exposed to and integrates better conceptual models. 

If you become exposed to certain information, you become permanently smarter than you are now, forever affecting how you operate afterward. 

The Trajectory of Your Life Changes, Permanently.

The second, is the means to do that. That is, new mental models.

2 For The Seeker III

"The more a man studies the obstacles and deceptions which lie in wait for him at every step in this realm, the more convinced he becomes that it is impossible to travel the path of self-development on the chance instructions of chance people, or the kind of information culled from reading and casual talk.

At the same time he gradually sees more clearly—first a feeble glimmer, then the clear light of truth which has illumined mankind throughout the ages." - George Gurdjieff

3 - Q&A Discussion:
Clarifying The Signature

D: I need mental healthiness. But not mental health–like–like Mind.


D: I want to experience the pure Mind.
D: Yeahhhh–you get it.

Yeah. True that. For me, that is,

  1. practice and lifestyle,
  2. exposure to people in that mind.

D: Yeah man, like them 'pointing out' stuff. The more people you watch that have got 'it' and can point 'it' out it just helps cultivate 'it'–if 'it' can be cultivated.

Just exposure to their words, patterns, tones, resonance, perspective.
The signature gets striking and noticeable.

Apparently buddha said, paraphrased, "Once you taste the ocean, wherever you go it always tastes salty."

"Just as in the great ocean there is but one taste — the taste of salt — so in this Doctrine and Discipline there is but one taste — the taste of freedom." - Buddha

D: Damn. Yeah, basically, one could argue the whole path is: just clarifying this signature you are speaking of more–and more–and more–until it is the default, and there is no more 'self-ing' going on–or however one would like to put it.

I think so.

D: Via different meditation techniques and such, or other means.

This is interesting,
If you think about what it would take to develop a strong magnetic center,
What it would take is clarifying the signature.

D: Yeah man. I think a lot of people use a lot of different language but are almost talking about the same thing.
I like energy body and Buddhist terminology, but if you can figure out how to navigate the language barrier, people are all talking about the same stuff.

One of those common threads I've found is concentration,
Lots of different language but concentration is always a constant.

D: Yee–Gotta work on that. Concentration and insight.
Morality is important too..

Going deeper on the path it seems that,

“Finding the moral part of you,”

Is more important than,

“Working on your morality.”

D: I heard that if you get [near] the end of the path, your natural mind–you are in the natural state by default, and are almost automatically ethical.

That's how I see it.

D: I got a book about love recently, and its about like all of the beliefs society and others place onto you,
–and how you can carry it like and you almost 'become them,' but they're not really you, they are just beliefs you've fallen for.

I think I got a lot of those. I need to cleanse myself of the nonsense.

They cleanse as you stop listening to the noise.

D: It's hard man, it's everywhere. It's like screaming in your ear–and then your inner voice is like a whisper.

It’s a good thing that the noise is everywhere.

D: Why do you say that?

Noise is what makes recognition of the signature more easy to see.

And, when you hear a person speaking from the natural place, you start to remember how to do that.

D: Yeah man. I want that. I hate the–mechanical patterns. It's like mental slavery being forced/imposed on a mf. 😩

It is mental slavery. Truly.

  • When you listen to legit teachers, truly you are getting [cleansed] out of those mechanical patterns.
  • Or, enough time in the natural world would have the same effect.
  • Practicing inner silence helps a lot.

D: Sad world we live in, but thank the Lord there are at least some that can show the light to get out of it.
You're right, It's like–I don't know man–it's like you can feel it–when the teacher is legit.

For me at least–maybe my sensors aren't perfectly accurate–but I found my guy. I hope everyone finds their Guy or Girl that is their best teacher, and that it will actually show them the full Way.

I really treasured this conversation.

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