The Zen N! #38 - The EZ Question IV

1. Question Everything. 2. Choosing Understanding.

The Focus of The Newsletter

This Week's Newsletter Contains,

1. The EZ Question IV.

2. For The Seeker I: A quote from George on Understanding.

3. A Question: Q&A section.

1 The EZ Question IV

Before explaining Looking and Listening,

The Answer to How to Ask Questions About Questions will be simplified into
E and Z.

The EZ Question

is composed of two parts.

E = Everything

Z = [Wildcard]

E = Everything.

The E part of the EZ Question is that Question which relates to everything.

What is the question of questions?

Remember this question, memorize it:

What is The Easy Question?

What is the core question?
Is there a better question?


All of reality conforms around the question you ask.
All of reality conforms around asking.
Reality conforms around asking.

Center on a single question.
Center other questions around that single question, considering their relation to it.

Here's a prompt,

“Dig deeper. Find what’s universal.”

What is Deeper? What is Universal? Why?

2 For The Seeker I

"The more a man studies the obstacles and deceptions which lie in wait for him at every step in this realm,
the more convinced he becomes that it is impossible to travel the path of self-development on the chance instructions of chance people,
or the kind of information culled from reading and casual talk.

At the same time he gradually sees more clearly—first a feeble glimmer, then the clear light of truth which has illumined mankind throughout the ages." - G. Gurdjieff

3 - Questions and Answers

"What does it mean that ‘the first step is a seed’?"

The first step you take is a seed which contains the outcome to where you go.
This first step is an intention. You set an intention.

When you ask a question,
you set an intention to find something out.

What you get is the result of that intention.

How you intend when you ask a question matters.

What do you mean by 'how you intend'?

Consider two strategies for how you intend:
1. You can intend to find out what you don't know, which will lead you to an outcome. An unknown outcome.
2. You can intend to find what you already know, which will lead you to an outcome. A known outcome.

Option 1 is a better strategy.

What gift from the universe would bless you today?
If you could wave a magic wand at a part of your life, where would it point to?

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The Future is Dawning! Be Blessed!

Meaning is Felt Understanding.

More Life.
More Meaning.
More Understanding.