The Zen N! #43 - The EZ Question IX

The Core Chapter. Could There Be A Question My Life Revolves Around?

The Zen N! #43 - The EZ Question IX
Hi, I'm Tyler Choice. I created this publication to improve your conscious and critical thought. Thank you for reading!
I have a background in hacking and reverse-engineering, and I enjoy using those processes to deconstruct ideas. I've had a mystic's experience of life, and I am fascinated by the highest wisdoms and seek to search for them to the ends of this earth.

I've combined these fields to deconstruct ideas impartially and create pure content for my readers.
While opinions may be visibly expressed in this work, my intention is to present information to the reader objectively, to encourage you to choose freely.

In this series, I've applied these same processes to this existence, to this life.
- <3, Tyler

The Focus of The Newsletter

This Week's Newsletter Contains,

1. The EZ Question IX. This is the core chapter of this series.

2. For The Seeker VI.

1 The EZ Question IX

E = The Easy Question is the question that revolves around everything, around you. All other questions revolve around it.

Revolve your life, your business, your thoughts around that question.

That question is your center.

Why? Because a center is simple.

And because if you ask, you get.

Z = No Conclusion: A Great Person Confides Themselves Childlike to the Genius of Their Age.

The EZ Question:
Looking At the Top. Listening Without Conclusion.
Without Self-Bias, Learn from The Top of The Top.

Why The EZ Question?

Because The EZ Question is a simple process.

"In a model, the more estimated variables you have,
the greater the error in the model.
More complexity actually gives you a worse answer."
- Naval.

Adding more complexity to a decision making process gives you greater error.
More complexity gives worse results.

The process is simple. Simple does not mean easy. Learning is not an effortless road.

Learning is the investment for your life–and how you level up faster than your competition.

The Meta-Concepts here:

1. Center What You Do.

Don't be split. Don't be divided. Don't think linearly.
Think about your target as the center of a circle.
Revolve everything around a single center.
Expand out from the center.
Connect everything to your single point.

2. The Real Point is You.

Revolve what you do around you,
your authenticity, your real.

3. Life Answers All Questions.

Understand this as an ultimate principle:

If You Ask A Question, You Will Receive The Answer.

Your consciousness is a problem-solving machine. Your consciousness, your dreams, your external reality begins to solve any question you ask it.

Prioritize Finding the Answer to Your Question and You Will Have Results.

Ask a Question of Questions. Center on That Question.

What is Meaningful?

What Question Did I Ask?

I was asking a question that was something like,
what is the question of all questions, a question all other questions converge into?
This became the question, "What Does It Mean To Be Human?"
Life soon answered me with George Gurdjieff, who asked a similar question with the same intention.
He would say, "You must have an aim, a serious aim. And you must establish a relationship between your task and your aim, an aim you cannot forget."


Gurdjieff would say that his father, "had a simple, clear and definite view on the aim of human life. He told me many times in my youth that the fundamental striving of every person should be to create for themselves an inner freedom towards life and to prepare for themselves a happy old age."

He would go on to say, “Ever since I was a child, I had the feeling that there something is missing in me. I felt that apart from my ordinary life. There is another life, a life which is calling me. But how to be open to it? This question never gives me any peace, and I have become like a hungry dog, chasing everywhere for an answer…I want to learn. I want to understand.” 

Gurdjieff would ask the question that would lead to becoming conscious,
a question something like, "I want to know why I'm here.
There's a group of us all shattered by this question. Nothing will stop us until we find an answer." - Meetings With Remarkable Men

A few days before her death at the Prieure with Gurdjieff, Katherine Mansfield wrote in her Journal:

“The question is always: Who am I? You see, if I were allowed one single cry to God, that cry would be: I want to be REAL.” 

Years later, Gurdjieff put the title on the 3rd Series of his All and Everything: “Life is Real Only Then When I Am.” -

Has anything unexplainable ever happened to you?

Was there ever a time in your life that you had a realization, and it seemed your life suddenly moved into a completely different track?

Was there ever a time when you decided you wanted something, and it was as though life opened doors for you to get it?

What would it be like if you could ask a question and life answered your question for you?

What would it be like if all the parts of your life aligned into one direction towards your dream?

Would it be worth it to set this as your priority?

What would it cost? What would be the cost of not doing that?

2 For The Seeker VI

"Go out one clear starlit night to some open space and look up at the sky, at those millions of worlds over your head. Remember that perhaps on each of them swarm billions of beings, similar to you or perhaps superior to you in their organization. Look at the Milky Way. The earth cannot even be called a grain of sand in this infinity. It dissolves and vanishes, and with it, you.

Where are you? And is what you want simply madness?

Before all these worlds ask yourself what are your aims and hopes, your intentions and means of fulfilling them, the demands that may be made upon you and your preparedness to meet them."

- George Gurdjieff


Thanks for reading! This is a densely packed short work, I would recommend reviewing 1-3 times to absorb these concepts.

At this point, The EZ Question has been disclosed. The next few newsletters will cover a case study, examples, and final pieces of The EZ Question.

-- Tyler