The Zen N! #41 - The EZ Question VII

1 - Looking. 2 - Seeking. Could change your life. From the background of a hacker, how to use Looking to teleport above the above.

The Zen N! #41 - The EZ Question VII

The Focus of The Newsletter

This Week's Newsletter Contains,

1. The EZ Question VII.

2. For The Seeker IV.

1 The EZ Question VII

The EZ Question VII: Looking and Listening.

Looking and Listening describes an ultimate strategy.

This strategy is the objective strategy to learning:

Without self-bias, learn from the top of the top.

The EZ Question

Take the core question, and apply the EZ Question, composed of two parts.

  1. Looking.
  2. Listening.

1: Looking

  1. Look at who is at the top.
  2. Look at who is above the top,

Let's say you watch a YouTube video of a teacher you're learning from.

Who are they learning from?

See if you can learn from who they are learning from.

A speaker will ALWAYS disclose who they learned from. There is more to identify this later in this series.

A perhaps too obvious example is here:

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson looking up to Fyodor Dostoevsky.

You're never going to become your aspiration by learning from a person, you remain their "customer". You can learn from their best, but you don't become them, which means that having what they have remains a dream. Everyone is reaching up to something, someone.

If you wanted to be on their path, you'd need to be reaching to what they reached to. They have teachers, too.
Do they have a big house? The car you dream of? The relationships? The version of themselves you admire? They attained these from learning from their teachers. You can shortcut by skipping to them.

What if the teacher they disclose is a historical figure?

If the person the top person is looking at is a historical figure or too abstract,
In this case, that's only an inspiration. More information is needed to truly learn than this.
The best you can do in this case is research and study that figure
and see if the person you're inspired by has any teachings about what they get from that figure.
For example, Salvador Dali mentions that when he was fifteen he wanted to be Napoleon but later he decided that he wanted to be Dali.

“At the age of six I wanted to be Napoleon–and I wasn’t. At the age of fifteen I wanted to be Dalí and I have been. At the age of twenty-five I wanted to become the most sensational painter in the world and I achieved it. At thirty-five I wanted to affirm my life by success and I attained it. Now at forty-five I want to paint a masterpiece and to save Modern Art from chaos and laziness. I will succeed!” - Dali

Dali VS. Napoleon

Clearly, Dali did not choose the same vocation as Napoleon.

Napoleon may be too abstract a figure to learn from,

But, you can still expose yourself to the mind of Napoleon, and ask what Dali got from him.

In other cases, look at the father figures of your role models.

Why use Looking?

Looking not only involves the Top of the Top,
it also involves only:

  • the best of the top,
  • and greater still,
    the result of all of those tops combined.

Recognize that what your inspirations and the people above you do is they’ve done the hard work for you.

They have already refined and concisely consolidated the core concepts of their father figure so that you don’t have to parse those out yourself.

If you understand how they have already done the work of giving you the best of the best,

how that continues down lineages through history, you will understand how you can gain better information in a shorter amount of time than those who came before you because they've done that work for you.

Getting the result of all the tops combined:

Now, instead of spending 20 years studying one great figure,

Now you can:

  • 1. Spend 20 years learning from the very best of 20 great figures,
  • 2. And become the total of the best of those minds.

Where Would You Choose To Go If You Were Able To Teleport Into Any Life You Wanted?

If you were ever trying to escape your current life to get to the next one,
you may have experienced finding a teacher or celebrity promising you results, then having hope that learning from them will grant you what they offer, and watch that hope fade as you find you have remained the same.

You can use Looking Above The Top to shortcut this, skip the teacher and learn from their teacher.

As an example, Matthew McConaughey launched a course to change people's lives, but who did he learn from? Like many others in that industry, McConaughey is looking up to the legendary Tony Robbins. Tony is looking up to someone too.
As another example, most of your favorite YouTubers are looking up to one person; Mr. Beast.
I have an active habit now of taking an action immediately after I hear a teacher drop a name of their influence. Usually, I'll buy the book of whoever they mentioned. You'll be surprised how often a speaker drops a reference once you start looking.

--2: Listening is in the next newsletter.

2 For The Seeker IV

"Truth is fixed by means of symbolical writings and legends and is transmitted to the mass of people for preservation in the form of customs and ceremonies, in oral traditions, in memorials, in sacred art through the invisible quality in dance, music, sculpture and various rituals. It is communicated openly after a definite trial to those who seek it and is preserved by oral transmission in the chain of those who know.

After a certain time has elapsed, the centers of initiation die out one after another,

and the ancient knowledge departs through underground channels into the deep, hiding from the eyes of the seekers. The bearers of this knowledge also hide, becoming unknown to those around them, but they do not cease to exist." - George Gurdjieff


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What's Coming?

I'll be transforming The Zen N in the future.
I've been learning, a lot. Business, spirituality–it's getting good, and that's coming this way.

Once The EZ Question is fully disclosed,

– a process of seeking that was necessary for me to learn to get to a certain level of understanding,

my intention:

is to move into creating radically different content, where I'll be sharing the same objective processes I used as a hacker, actively deconstructing people and information with a system called the 1-2 Solution–it's pretty cool stuff.

The 1-2 Solution is a system most effectively used when a core question, such as an EZ Question, is at it's center. From learning this process in this series, you'll already know how to maximize its use, putting you ahead of anyone who doesn't have the background knowledge for its application.

Thanks for Reading! <3

- Tyler