The Ultimate Meditation

The Ultimate Meditation has not been released.

This page contains information on meditation and an early prototype.

Why Should I Meditate?

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Introductions to Meditation

What Do You Recommend as an Explanation of Real Meditation?

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Before Bed Meditation

Introduction To An Evening Meditation

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Meditations for Pain Management

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The Ultimate Meditation - Prototype

Consider the odds that that we have been born in a time where we have access to information to learn about meditation, that we have this resource that can allow us to change and heal.
Consider the odds that you happen to be a person that went through life experiences in such a way that would cause you to pursue meditation, and that we have the ability and technology to connect across countries and even share a message at scale.
This gift of meditation we have hold of is priceless, and we can't even see the full scale of impact, of how one person gaining meditation and making their life better might cause them to impact their families and cities.

We are at a time where we have the ability to use meditation to help others reduce their own suffering, and we have the opportunity to do our part to raise the consciousness of humanity, and give people something that allows them to increase the wellbeing and health of their lives.

Consider these statements from Susan's Hsin-Hsin-Ming.

When you try to stop motion to achieve quietude, the very effort fills you with activity. As long as you hold on to opposites you will never know the One Way.
Consider the movement in stillness and the stationary in motion, both movement and rest disappear. When such dualities cease to exist even Oneness itself cannot exist.

Focus on slowly exhaling through your mouth to the end of your breath.
At the end of your breath, notice this pause of movement before your next breath. Let your body inhale naturally at its own pace.
As you inhale, notice your body, and notice life, your life, and the world around you, all the sensations you experience.
As you reach the end of your inhale, notice the pause of movement again.
Just notice the quiet in this.
Again, as you exhale, focus only on your breathing out. At the end of your exhale, notice the pause again.
As you inhale, remember your body and your whole experience again. At the end of your inhale, notice the pause.
Now, try to be aware of all that is happening, don't just try to feel a pause, be aware of your normal experience as well.
Try to be aware of both the pausing and your full experiencing at once. Focus on being total, and try to notice your awareness that is noticing all of this.
Don't try to only focus on your awareness, let all of this be as it is, all of this experience being with you in the now.
Notice the passage of time.
Notice your thoughts and their attempt and striving to meditate correctly.
Don't try to change this, just be watching it.
Notice any sense of calm.
What is aware of the awareness?

As you breathe, Notice your outside experience, your thoughts, and notice your inner imagination are happening at the same time.
The outside, your body, the inside, your thoughts, and your awareness are all happening at once.
Notice a totalness in all of this, notice if the moment itself has changed.

Is time passing at the same speed as before?

How slow is time when you reach the pause?
How much is there to notice in the second that you pause?

Breathe in all that is happening, pause and notice the pause.
Breathe out and focus on your exhale, and notice how you come back to the pause at the end of your breath.

What is aware? What is happening?  

Consider this statement from a book,

What if you could be all that you ever wanted to be. You can. You have what it takes to do this.

Imagine you are a rock, a large boulder.

Around you the wind is blowing, things are moving, but you are just a rock. [10s]

Imagine you see a character in a story on top of this rock, the character looks like you. They are looking over the top of a forest, gazing out at the horizon with eyes of hope and wonder at the journey of the quest ahead of them, what awesome and unknown moments may be in their future.

This character stands firm on the boulder, the wind blowing against them, they feel a sense of freedom, completely alive, poised, and confident, a fearlessness and boldness, and the freedom in that fearlessness. This courageous one feels great expectation for the journey ahead.

They are looking at the sun and the moon in the sky.

Now let the image of the character on the rock lose focus.

Concentrate on the sun and the moon in the sky.

Imagine that this sun and moon were at the beginning of time, and will be there at the end of time.
Imagine the stars in the sky passing by rapidly over the course of history, clouds and skies and colors changing and rising and falling, but the same sun and the same moon across all of it.
Now see the earth's globe in between the sun and the moon.
Imagine the earth at the beginning of time, imagine the very first flower to spring up out of a barren desert, the first signs of life, the first birds hatching, imagine the earth moving forward in time, to the first people to see the sky, what they thought, the first people to find water, to give birth, to find love, to set out on a journey. Move the earth's history forward to to future ages, to see civilizations, see them advancing, advancing to the end of time.
You are watching and scanning through all of the world's history.

Who are you?
Who, with the sun and the moon, is watching this?

Now, return to the character on the rock.
That person is the one who has watched all this.
Consider the great love this character feels for this eternal sun and moon, the compassion and love they feel for this changing planet, and humanities greatest joys and greatest sorrows.
Can you feel if, within this love, is there a sense of contentment in this character? Is the love a longing? Is it a fulfillment? Is it just there as it is?
This character is complete, they are whole.
The character in this story is an Avatar from the outside world.
This one returns to this world in different lives and different stories, they comes into the world for a great purpose, to play their role, to give what they have to the world, to help their world, to create their world.

Now, let this character be you, standing on the rock.

What is the deepest, most fundamental longing in your heart? What does it want? Is it to give it compassion? Is it to raise its consciousness? Is it to ease suffering? Is it to create or destroy it? Is it to find and be loved? Is it to be known? Is it to explore the unknown? Is it still a mystery?

Now, imagine you are looking into the future, at all you could ever hope to become.

You are looking at an image of a being that is everything you ever wanted to be, the product of all that you have ever hoped to become. This is you as a superstar.

What do they do? How do they act? What do they feel?

What are their characteristics? Are they creative? Loving? Giving? Open? Inspiring? Caring? Happy? Peaceful? Free?

This one is absolutely complete, a perfect result of all of the striving and work you put in to become this person.

See that you are this person, this person is a version of you.
See that with every passing moment, every victory, every struggle, you are moving on a road that brings you closer to this person.
Notice that all other roads you could take are just shadows, but this road becomes more clear and and bright as you look to the image of this future you.
Consider that you know the actions to take on the clear road, to increase your focus, your compassion, your strength, all these micro-investments that bring you forward. Imagine the future self is looking at you.

What do they feel towards you? What do they want you to know? What might they say to you?

Now see that there are no obstacles on this clear road, this channel is light and luminous and clear, all shadows brush off and fall away.

See the distance of the road between you and this future you.

Consider the length of this gap.

Now consider that you and the future you occupy the same space at the same time, You both simultaneously exist as the same presence, at the same center of your self.

Shrink the gap of the road until there is no gap, your future self comes closer to you until they are intertwined with your space.

Sense the closeness and vulnerability here, this loving one is with you and in you, its love your permeates you,
it is through your body, already within your inmost center, reaching out and effortless melting your outside boundaries and pains and defenses, their love and essence is emanating through your cells, through your being, causing them to shine out with light.
You can feel yourself open to the trust you have with you and this love, as you know this essence is yours, you know that this one understands and accepts you completely, that nothing in you is hidden from yourself. Feel this compassion with you.

Know that this is you and accept this, accept this is you yourself, embracing you. Rest here in this.

Now recognize that you have given yourself permission to love yourself, you have accepted yourself. Establish this within you.