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Hi, I'm Tyler Kavanaugh.

Welcome to my space. I love inspiring others and creating a world where people are overflowing with life. I created The Zen Master because we will make the world free.

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I created The Zen Master because I believe in real freedom.

I am concerned that "my people suffer for lack of knowledge."

I race against this concern by continuously seeking the highest wisdom and I have found fruit. I continue as a seeker. I aim to distill wisdom as a giver.

My conviction is equipping all people with wisdom.

Concepts I Believe In

""That life is heaven," he said to me suddenly,

"that I have long been thinking about"; and all at once he added, "I think of nothing else indeed." He looked at me and smiled. "I am more convinced of it than you are, I will tell you later why."

I listened to him and thought that he evidently wanted to tell me something.

"Heaven," he went on, "lies hidden within all of us- here it lies hidden in me now, and if I will it, it will be revealed to me to-morrow and for all time."

I looked at him; he was speaking with great emotion and gazing mysteriously at me, as if he were questioning me.

"And that we are all responsible to all for all, apart from our own sins, you were quite right in thinking that, and it is wonderful how you could comprehend it in all its significance at once. And in very truth, so soon as men understand that, the Kingdom of Heaven will be for them not a dream, but a living reality."

For know, dear ones, that every one of us is undoubtedly responsible for all men

– and everything on earth,

not merely through the general sinfulness of creation, but each one personally for all mankind and every individual man.

This knowledge is the crown of life for the monk and for every man.

Again, I say, be not proud. Be proud neither to the little nor to the great. Hate not those who reject you, who insult you, who abuse and slander you.
Hate not the atheists, the teachers of evil, the materialists – and I mean not only the good ones – for there are many good ones among them, especially in our day – hate not even the wicked ones.

Real Freedom is something like, as we say, to be allowed to be authentically you, an environment that allows your Spirit to flourish. It is like: having the conditions necessary for your joys, happiness, and spontaneity to arise from within you.

We often call environments such as these a nurturing and supportive environment.

The character of Thou in contrast to the spirit in the wilderness:
- The earthly bread is what Thou has rejected for the sake of that freedom which Thou has exalted over everything.
- the banner of earthly bread, Thou has rejected it for the sake of freedom and the sake of heaven.
- Thou did choose all that is exceptional, vague and enigmatic.
- Thou didst desire man’s free love, that he should follow Thee freely, enticed and
taken captive by Thee. In place of the rigid ancient law,
man must hereafter with free heart decide for himself
what is good and what is evil, having only Thy image before him as his guide.

It is easy for the ego to underestimate humanity, to see the people as helpless.
But that is not all that they are, that is only a veil.
The majority of the people are not so unconscious as they seem, that is only surface level behavior and character.

With a single prompt you can awaken the same insight and intelligence as the greatest genius' whom ever lived, it is the same wisdom and understanding hiding within all men.

Yes, there are wickedly unconscious malevolent actors in the masses, but the simple people, the poor, they are not stupid creatures. They hold the same brilliance as the best of mankind.

This is not theory, not a thesis, not a hypothesis, not philosophy, not idealism. The poor reveal their capacity for insightful genius and conscientiousness to me every day, simply waiting to be prompted.

The entire world gives everything to the one who has everything.

This is why the one who lacks nothing is blessed.

When you carry a revolution within you, every moment brings a new world, a new life... every moment becomes a new birth.

Life is nothing but an opportunity for love to blossom. If you are alive, the opportunity is there – even to the last breath.

"To believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true
for all men, β€” that is genius..
our first thought is rendered back to us by the trumpets of the Last Judgment."

"that there is a great responsible Thinker and Actor
working wherever a man works..
Where he is, there is nature. He measures
you, and all men, and all events." - Emerson

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