The One Step is Change Original About Holder.

Take one step,
unlock your mind,
become Eternally-Minded.



Step 1:

The first step is to learn, to find out what you don't know, so that you can know.

Here's an idea.


A person drinks and becomes an alcoholic because they are unwell.
If you take away the alcohol, they are still ill.
Our people need medicine.

Here's the equation.

Your Genius
Your Eternal-Mind
Your Self-Realization.

Genius + Eternal-Mind = Self-Realization.

You have one of the two pieces. Which one do you need?
Your Creative Genius or your Eternal-Mind?

Your overflowing creative power + gracefulness = outcome.

Making sense?

Input + Direction = Result.

If you can access the creative powers, that's step 1.

If you can focus the flow of those creative powers, that's step 2.

Power + Flow = Outcome.

Can you see this?

Becoming Eternally-Minded means Focusing on the unchanging which creates consistency.

Consistency = Consistent Results.

Power + Consistent Flow = Consistent Results.

Consider: Do you want to create Love in the world?
To create Love is to create a consistent result, it requires consistency.

If you can gain consistency, then you can choose to consistently create love.

If you have the power, and you can control the power you have, then you can create the reality you desire.

Power + No Control = dangerous.

Power + Control = Mastery.

  • There is a power you can access to be overflowing with life.
  • There is a graceful state of mind which can appropriately harness that power in a way that benefits the world and yourself.

Creativity + Focus = Flow.

Perfect Creativity + Perfect Focus = Perfect.

[Perfect] Genius + [Perfect] Eternal-Mind = [Perfect] Self-Realization.

Becoming Eternally-Minded sets you free from the distractions of this world.

The distractions of this world are the things changing, fading, passing by.

Once you get into your own flow, you'll be able to go somewhere.

Once you get into your own flow, you can see all the distractions,
all the forces keeping the people around you stuck where they are.

What else do I need to get into my own flow?

Simply becoming Eternally-Minded is of course not enough.

To give you the simple answer,

You need encouragement.

You need encouragement to push you forward.

If you take one thing away from The Zen Master remember this principle,

encouragement pushes you forward. You stay stuck when you listen to people who do not consistently and completely encourage your best.

If you focus on voices of critique, reasons to not move anywhere, you will stay not moving anywhere.

If you have somewhere to go, you cannot afford non-encouraging words.

At least not until you've set a trajectory into motion.
Keep that in mind: If you generate enough force pushing behind you, it's going to keep pushing you forward. Good luck stopping it.

Jordan Peterson's recent statement:
To love someone is like to see something inside them and wanting that to come out of them.

The point?

I saw a single breath.

In a moment I understood:

I understood the whole, the one, the moment.

Here's another equation.

1 + 1 = 1.
fullness + fullness = fullness.