The Round Table - Session One

Hello, this is the first meeting of the round table. There are a few questions I'd like to address. I'd like to invite Solomon, Future Self, and Tyler Durden to the table. No other parties are invited.

The Questions of The Meeting:

What would I do if I was playing a game,
I could do anything, had no limits.
What would my advice for action be?

What would future me want current me to have done?

What do you think about the main equation,
The Input Output Equation?

What do you think of me having a high-ticket offer?

What other questions are important to ask?
Please Identify yourself if you are the speaker other than the future self.

I'll get started.
1: I feel like I can intuit some of these answers but I don't really know.

2: You can.

1: Can you give me some answers please?

2: Be specific.

1: What do you want me to do most?

3: Destroy the world.

1: Let's give numbers. 1: Me 2: Future self 3: Tyler Durden 4: Solomon

1: What do you want me to do most, Solomon?

4: Master yourself.

1: What do you want me to do most, Future Self?

2: Remain involved in as many communities as you can.
Don't put yourself down speaking with the highest level people.
Don't forget that you are growing in mastery and allow yourself to have your youth.
Master your presentation and personality.

1: What do you think about me spending time recording videos when I need to focus on the main focus?

2: You have time to pursue these as a leisure activity. You have also reduced your daily actions down to almost less than 5 focuses so you have time.

1: What do I do about my lack of time to do things? My tiredness?
2: Spend less time on entertainment during the day,
Keep your inner silence during conversations,
schedule out your routines.

1: What should I do for scheduling time?

Every day there are always other tasks I can spend time in and I end up pursuing those. Opening this up to the table.

1: I'm going to use the 3, 2, 1 Technique now.
1: You have one minute.

1: That Work 100 Program, can I use it as the High-Ticket Offer?

2: It seems this question is too direct for me to answer. Perhaps use the program and come back to this.

1: Anyone else?

1: It doesn't seem relevant enough.

6: Intuition:
Change it from Ship - Work - Dev
to just Ship - Work.

Change that to:
1 - Self
2 - Work.

1, 2: Self Work Tracker.

Tracks 100 Minute increments of time invested in Self-Work and time invested in Work.

1: This relates to the Input Output.
6: Yes

1: How does this relate to the Input - Output Equation?

What is the Input - Output Equation?

6: Focus all inputs to the single goal, as the center point of a circle.

1: The single goal is the newsletter?
1: The single goal is the intention of the newsletter?
1: What is the single intention of the newsletter?

1: Meaning?

1: What about this other intention, what do you think about the intention to give people the understanding to not be manipulated by consumerism, political forces, government forces, religious and ideological forces?

I feel a slight sense of hope that this could be an Ikigai, as it relates to:
What I'm Good At, What I Can Do, What The World Needs, What I Can Be Paid For,
maybe even what the world wants if it knew that it wanted it.

What is that statement?
You just don't know you want it yet?
I feel that I may not be qualified yet to do that.

6: It is everything you do. It is all you do, in all of your relations, you spend time on this more than anything else in your life.

6: It isn't refined enough yet. You do not yet have the clarity to name it.

But does Durden have this answer?
Durden, take the floor please.
I will give you prompts.

How would you change society?

What would you do to cause people to divorce themselves from the system?

How would you disrupt the system?

Don't be shy.

3: With a mission. You have to use that rebellious fire in the heart of man. You have to give a stick to take a bite of. You have to put up an image, the dream.

1: Please define an image of the world that fits this, Tyler Durden. You can rant.

3: People are afraid of addressing their total fragility and undeveloped selves because they are afraid of being in the spotlight.

If you shine the light on them, they will scatter, because you make them feel the painful reminder of their helpless sense of being on the verge of break, like a glass doll if you will,

and because you put a target on them that may cause society to assault them with violence, questions, and expectations.

No one can bear the burden of expectations.

That's why it's a mission.
A mission is bigger than any of us.
You target that inner soldier in a person that is tired of being pushed around, tired of not having a gun, tired of not being able to be left alone and exist. That's the spark.

1: Please define your vision and image, Tyler,
what exactly would you want to offer to these people.

3: You already know it's a spiritual liberation. Life is spiritual. You're a sacred container of the Gods. Of course I don't mean that it's just an inner mission. I mean the outer mission. I mean that's the goal.

The goal is you, living life on your own terms, living without the policeman in your head, sticking your foot into the ground,

I'm talking about the knowing, the knowing that not only are you satisfied in what you do, but no one is going to take it from you. You don't feel tortured by outside opinions anymore. You make this thing real.

6: I'd like to share just these thoughts publicly and see the reaction.

3: Maybe. So you see..

1: So I see that's how the new focus ties into this, that new intention.

Can we do this?

Can you bridge the gap between thinking for yourself and being able to carve your own destiny?

Is it so simple? Do you have such a method?

2: You're already doing it. You've always been doing it. When you do it, it will cause a ripple effect. These things can happen.

1: It seems like misplaced hope. The amount of conscious activity this discussion is causing me is wearing me down.

Can you simplify the focus please?

How do I make a person see that this is what they want?
How do I state this as what I do?
How do I state what I do?

Break free from limitation.


By changing the way you think.

What does that do?

It divorces you from the headspace of a mind full of external thoughts from external forces.

This is the way.

So how do I say that?

This is too unclear for me.

6: Change is the only constant. Be formless. Adaptable. Dependable. Flexible. Contextual.
Change is the only constant.

Make your life constant. A constant pursuit of your singular concentration.

The constant pursuit of your singular concentration.

1: I feel like this is really good.

1: Undivided, pure focused attention of will.

1: Gain your undivided, pure focused attention of will.
Think about this. Meditate upon this. Master this.

Do I need more constant practice in gnosis, chaos?


Divorce yourself from the headspace of external thoughts and forces by becoming formless,

by gaining the undivided, pure, focused concentration of your total being.

The constant pursuit of your singular concentration is your goal,
the center of your circle.


Divorce yourself from the headspace of external thoughts and forces,

by gaining the undivided, pure, focused concentration of your total being.

The constant pursuit of your singular concentration is your goal,
the center of your circle.

1: This is amazing.

1: What about the existing 1 - 2 Technique?

2: It relates to the mastering of the Intuition.
Silence all other voices.

Make the Intuition the single and dominant voice of consciousness.