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Hello. My name is Divi, and The Zen Master is my devotion to focus on the direction of Intuition and Spontaneity.

The Focus of this publication is Vision, which gives us access to Inspiration, Creativity, Life, Flow, Good, where we again remember that there is More to life and from where the doors of opportunity open and the beloved qualities of our essence return to our hearts, in that direction of He who said,

"Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water."

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The Zen Master has a free Friday piece intending to refresh youexpand youlift you, and bring you out of a mindset of pain and into hope, The Zen Master Weekly Newsletter helps you slow down, ease the pressure in your life, and calm the fears that you aren't doing enough.

It's not just about feeling better. It's about learning to become Eternally Minded to move toward our consistently defined goals each day. 

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I often am looking into the nature of all which is Eternal and Unchanging, on sharing the ultimate possibility of your existence,

and am always leaning on the perspective that the model of Consciousness I ultimately choose as my working understanding will define the limits of my possibility, recurrently finding that The quality of my life today is based on how I perceive the world.

Founded in 2019 as a message hidden inside many computer programs and websites that the world is beautiful, and since publishing The Introduction to FOCUS,

I am also the creator of The Magic Page Technique, 

the author of the radically fresh and dangerously controversial pair of public works: The Gospel of Love and The Gospel of Love 2, the founder of entertainment website and Source of Cultivated Creativity in the Matrix, SorceRawr.com

the artist behind a project that allows the user to navigate through words, LightDark.art, and in another life, I am addressing issues such as how we treat the houseless, impoverished, and suffering in pieces such as Using Influence to Disrupt Patterns in the Cycles of Addiction and Homelessness is Not a Problem.

For more, here is a glossary on my most essential gatherings from the first eight years of my explorations into reality, a glimpse into the perspective that The Real You is a Totality, and a focus on bringing into existence a fresh reality of consciousness, through active creation, and further explanations as to how that works. My other creative projects including a videogame are here on the Projects page.

The Zen Master is genuinely independent, shaped and influenced by its readers who determine the trajectory and future of The Zen Master Publication. This is my passion and message, the outward expression of my consciousness in physical form.

This publication is my gift, and for this to meet the standard of the vision I intend to create, this is an act of co-creation. I am an expression of my world, meaning I am a reflection of you and care to connect with my reader.

I intend to organically lead this publication's focus and direction such that it unfolds into an image greater than my own limited consciousness might imagine.

This is how I work as a creative; my work reflects my audience, and so you are a part of this, affecting the final result and outcome of The Zen Master. In this sense, you are The Zen Master.

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Here are some of my favorite pieces from the years to let you into what this consciousness focuses on and cares about:

What's Next? [Q4 2023]

  • How the future is being brought into the present reality right now,
  • How the higher dimension is brought down into your life
  • The mechanics of spiritual interactions and warfare,
  • The secrets of the practitioners of the Holy Spirit and miracles to a general audience
  • Insights into the Intuition
  • To Feel, To Know, To Be Seen
  • A Creative Voice Hiding Within you
  • The Thread That Ties Eternity Together
  • Trusting Intuition = Confidence
  • Method: The Magic Page

What else am I bringing to The Zen Master?

The Zen Master includes Methods. What is the difference between finding methods from most authors and speakers today?

They embellish their methods, and they instill so much personal branding into them that their methods are not universal. they take too long and too much effort to get to the goal. They never give you the 1, 2, 3, Magic.

I designed Methods to be like a playbook of blocks. You should be able to utilize a technique within seconds of reading it, and get your results,

as I should also be able to, as that is the only way I will operate. If it isn't effortless, it isn't the best technique. These methods are my playbook, and I use them daily.

🧭 Mission

THE ZEN MASTER's Mission is to cause the activation of the fascination by opening hearts and creating meaningful moments.

This intention is stronger than any fear, because of the results that happen when we see hearts open!

🔍 Vision

The vision is to be earth's most focused center for making flow, to disrupt a static system that has no flow, and to embrace the shared spirit of connectivity that unlocks access to limitless, infinite Destiny.

Yes, The Zen Master is interested in expanding consciousness. Yes, The Zen Master is prepared to explain what that means.

⚖️ Values

Choose the Heart.

Through the awareness of a depth of meaning, contextual data and accessible information increases.


Fun is The Play of The Game. This is what allows dormant potentials to rise.


I care about promoting organic, intuitive, independent thought to awaken the latent genius within you.

Build Authority.

Through the tangible potentials of spontaneous idea.


Being Here, Fulfilled in Fulfillment. Our goal is already accomplished.

Dream Big.

Moderation is important, so I want people to shoot for the impossible, as I will settle with landing at the miracles approaching Infinity.

Create Sanctuary Spaces.

Compassionate, connected, supporting spaces are conditions necessary to thrive.

Encourage Warriors of Heart.

This is what I am here for. 

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Friend, A Message for you,

You Are Okay. Right now. In this moment. Everything is Okay.

And this World, Your World, is Beautiful!

so take a moment for yourself to just stop.

breathe. take a deep breath. exhale. good.

now, repeat after me.

"Everything is going to be okay."

"This whole universe is a temple, and the whole existence is trying to reach you in so many ways — through the sun rays, through the trees, through the birds — these are all messengers."

"When in the early morning, the birds start their song and the flowers open their petals and the dewdrop shines like any great pearl on the lotus leaf; when so many colors are spread all over the horizon in welcoming the new day — these are all messengers of existence. If you can be sensitive to these, you will not feel sad. You will feel immensely grateful, understanding, fulfilled. You will feel at home. You will feel at peace."

This Publication is Independent, and so are You.
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