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Hi, I'm Tyler Kavanaugh.

Welcome to my space. I love inspiring others and creating a world where people are overflowing with life.

I created The Zen Master because we will make the world free.

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This is about learning to find our focus so we can move toward our consistently defined goals each day. 

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I'm on a mission to help the world become free by teaching you to create the focus to access your genius.

This happens through a simple 2-step solution.

Genius + Focus = You.





I created The Magic Pages as the simplest way on earth to open the rivers of your flow.


I created The Eternally-Minded Method so that you can know yourself as the consistent you across the span of your life.


This is a short read on the real, constant, unchanging you.

The Key

What do you wish for?

Hold your wish in your mind.
Think the question, 'What should I do to attain this?'

This is a key you can take with you all your life.
I hope that it aids you on your journey.

I created The Zen Master because I am dedicated to human freedom.

As a mystic, I was designed to gather the outcasts.


Who Are You?

I am a pragmatic optimist.

What Do You Do?

I give fresh interpretation and meaning.

I take the secrets from those who keep them and share them with those who have ears.

What do you want?

I want you to be unlocked to the access of your Genius, Loving, Creative Spirit.


Because I am in love with the heart of humanity.


By giving curated knowledge on everything on every domain of life.

What do you gain from this?

I find my voice and self-actualize.

What do you mean by these words?

See the core content pieces on Spirit, Truth, Love, Meaning, Thought.

Is it dangerous to believe ideas?


Is it dangerous to listen to ideas?


Can the word freedom be weaponized and used against you?


Can goodness be weaponized and used against you?


Can your heart be weaponized and used against you?


What does it mean to Consciously Create Reality?

  • From the artist's perspective, it means to paint what is within you into the world.
  • From the psychological perspective, it means to act as a change agent to the collective unconsciousness.
  • From the emotional perspective, it means to bring outer resolution by inner healing.
  • From the religious perspective, it means to bring the future into the past.
  • From the spiritual perspective,
    it means to manifest the divine expression out of your being and into your life.

Why Create Love?

To self-Actualize.


To actualize your real self.

Your real self is Love.

You do not know yourself because you do not know love.

How do I know that this mission will succeed?

The Zen Master would not be possible without help from this universe.
If it is not in the will of the universe, The Zen Master will fail.

If it is in the will of the universe, The Zen Master will succeed.

"When you are ready, the whole universe begins to help you."

What is The Zen Master?

What else does The Zen Master offer?

What else do I need to get into my own flow?

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