The Natural Way is Not The Awakened Way

The teaching of the natural way is not an awakened teaching.

I have modeled this many times. 

I am listening to Osho teach the natural way, and I have to say something. 

Misfits are the only people who know the natural way. All other people for all of history have not known the natural way, they cannot know, they cannot understand it. 

Don’t fool yourself! The teaching of the natural way is not an awakened teaching. You are listening to the teaching of a misfit. 

What am I saying? 

I am saying that you may listen to Osho because he is awakened, but you are not listening to an awakened teaching, you are listening to a natural teaching. 

Many misfits understand the natural way. They have always known. They needed no teacher, no teaching, they know.

In the same way, many awakened people do not know the natural way. They know an awakened way, they don’t know the natural way. Why? They are not misfits. They don’t know. They won’t know. 

The world has always been this way. 

Osho is both! He is a misfit and he is awakened, he can share both teachings. 

Osho can share the natural way and the awakened way. This is not because he is awakened! 

The natural way is something known, always known. 

But an awakened man does not receive the knowing of the natural way with his awakening! 

Don’t even bother with trying to understand it, no one has understood it! It is counter to your whole world, it stands against everything you know. That is why Osho is always talking about the destruction of your world. 

The misfit’s gospel is what you do not see. 

Why talk about it? There is no point. 

We talk about it like prophesy, we talk about it to bide the time. 

If you don’t know it, don’t bother. If you do know it, you know there is nothing more to know. That is the situation. 

So don’t buy what you don’t want! Don’t listen to Osho’s teaching of the natural way in the hopes of becoming awakened, this is not an awakened teaching. This is a teaching for those who know to know that others know.