The Beginning

You are Loved by God and Your World and Humankind! Now Go Forth and Prosper and Bless and Be Blessed!

This is The Zen Master. You have returned to the beginning.

As I wrote on the About page,
long before The Zen Master,
I had left a message hidden inside many computer programs and websites that the world is beautiful.

Sometimes, as an author with a heart, I feel that the raw content that came from my heart before being polished is worth more than any other form or creation of content, and I always feel that I don't want to dishonor that. I want to keep that place. I always want to come back to it.

We become strong to protect the vulnerable. I feel it is the same with content creation.

The above is the coded format of that original hidden message left in computer code, left here by my heart when it had newly awakened.

I look at this, and it makes me ask questions.
Four blocks comprised this code. This code was not the original text.
Each block was added and iterated upon over time.

I look back at this, and at the end of this post, I will look back and iterate upon it. Then, I will leave this page be, and I will not look back again.

At the beginning of The Zen Master,
I started asking lots of questions,

in a lot of different formats, in a lot of different ways.

When I started to operate like this, I began to understand that it was a volume game, that I would get out what I put in, that there were no rules for this, and that there was no clear-cut way to reach my end target.

This was the 13 Reasons I selected in its earliest published format, alongside 20 reasons and a more extensive reason list I would work with later.

From this, I would end with a single statement,

"I do this because I believe you can consciously create reality."

Even though this is true, and this statement is real, I wasn't satisfied.

It's not the core reason, the core motivation.

I went back to exploring my "Why."

As of the time of this writing, I've gone back and recognized that

  • perhaps my purpose is to jump in headfirst for others to show them what is possible, to show them that it is safe to go out. I remember a moment of jumping off of a cliff into the water to show friends what was possible.
  • Or it is to go out and discover and share the fruits I have searched for. The highlights of my life are when I pull this off and bring others into the new.
  • Or it is the moment where I connect isolated individuals, when I bring them into a connected group,
    when I bring someone alone into connection.
  • Or it is when I see someone light up with possibility. When I see the moment of realization when they think, "Wait, I can do that?"

Only time will tell what I end up making of this.

I wrote the above piece on 11/06/23.

A Message

Even when you can't see it,

You  are Loved by God and Your World and Humankind!

Now Go Forth and Prosper and Bless and Be Blessed!

We ought to Carry the Torch that Says that Everything Can Be and Is Alright and We Are Really Okay, that the past cannot hold us forever, that the Light Can Pour In, that Freedom is Real and Boundless, that it Is Okay to Be Here and Love and Be Loved.

This Thing about Opening the Heart, it is a Valve Being Opened. It is not a matter of discussion. It is not something that can be debated, Only Experienced.

This IS It. To Stay In It, to Live From It, Is the Value, and Meaning and Purpose that was sought because it is no longer a dead mind analyzing. It Is a Living Being Experiencing.

Get Away from any beliefs and discussions and Back to Praying for Creativity and Focusing On Unleashing Your God's Freedom of Expression Within You. That is what Reconnects You when You take a Real Action to Face some fear of the external around you and let some of your Genuine Self and Kind, Vulnerable Nature Out to Be Expressed.

You Are Getting Better at Prayer, and God Is Answering Them; when You Pray for That Essence, Pure Light, Spirit, Creativity to Come, Especially deeply before bed,

That Is when it Can Come In the Beautiful Morning, as All Prayers are Answered, All Possibilities Accessible. It really is All about Letting In the Light that Restores, and Heals, and Is It.

This is it Love! I love You, Being Worthy of Love! There is no shame or guilt to have for Being You!

God, Lord My God, Thank You for Allowing Word to pour into reality!

Thank You for Giving Us Our Daily Bread Today! Thank You for Your Divine Will for Our Lives! Thank You for Pouring Out Rivers of Spirit! Thank You for Abundance and Generativity! Thank You for Gratitude! May Your Will Be Done, Here, Now, as It Is in Heaven. And So It Is!

May We Find The Sight and Voice of Our Deepest Creative Selves

On the date December 11th, 2021,

12 11 21,

I published a work with this code,

May we choose loving expression.

May we express creation forever.

May a light penetrate eternity.

May art resound through beauty.

May we find the sight and voice

of our deepest creative selves.

source: github