Friend, You Do Not Owe God Anything

Beloved Friend, you do not owe God a n y t h i n g.

See that he does not want Cain's labors and sacrifices,

He wants Abel's Heart!

Not all have heard the Thoughts in the Gospel, and still we forget,

God desires for me.

God desires for you.

God wants You, His Creation.

God loves you, hear,

he is not withholding his love from you.

You hear but your mind does not hear because you feel that you do not deserve His love.

Give him your brokenness, your pain, your dreams!

Do you think He is not large enough for your troubles?

Do you think He cannot afford to expend his expenses on you?

Are you so modest, prudent, pruned?

He wants your Heart.

Who knows who deserves the Lord's Love?


All of His creations, all of His works, He created to show to me?

All of His is in His Thought,

the expression of His mind?

All of creation are His love letters to me?

Even those lesser works of man, showing contrast to His perfections?