"Why is the Bible story of The Prodigal Son true?"

The Bible story is about the Prodigal Archetype.

The Prodigal Archetype is true in that it exists.

The Prodigal Archetype story is a true narrative of the Prodigal Archetype and their story.

This story is objectively, empirically true, factually true. Not at a matter of faith or belief.

It is true, as this is an accurate account of that which exists.

It is not a story to believe in,
it is a testimony to humanity.

It is a testament, a statement of the facts.

This is not a religious story.
It is what we call a psychological analysis.

It is not a dogma. It's a thesis.

The Archetypal Story is an independent story.

It is not religion dependent.

It belongs to no group.

Society has been blindsided by a distraction.

The question is not, "Is religion right?"

The question is, "Are Archetypes true?"

They are true. They keep happening.