Trust Everybody, Because You Have Nothing to Lose.

"It happened to Mulla Nasruddin....

He used to sleep with all the windows open – according to my advice – all the doorsopen.... And naturally, a thief entered, and he collected everything in the house.

Mulla was sleeping on a blanket. Seeing that the man had collected everything, he threw his blanket also on his pile. The thief was surprised. He said, "I thought you were asleep."

Mulla said, "I was pretending."

"You are a strange man -- I am a thief."

He said, "No worry. You can take everything away – I am coming with you. Because what does it matter in which house we live? I will live with you. And I have found a servant.

I was looking for a servant, and it is so difficult nowadays to find a servant. You have come on your own. Now where is your house?"

What can people take away? Death is going to take it away at any moment.

You have come into the world empty-handed, and you will go from the world empty-handed, so it does not matter. Between these two... What you have in your hands does not matter. What matters is that you lost trust, which is an immense treasure of your being.

By trusting everybody you can lose a few things.

They may steal your money, but if you can continue to trust even those... trust is a great treasure. Trusting people who can cheat you, who are going to cheat you, is real trust.

I am not going to cheat you, I am not going to steal anything from your house. I have already stolen you. I am a different kind of man. When I have stolen you, I have stolen everything. Why bother about each thing separately – I do a wholesale job.

Now you don't have anything! You and all that you have belongs to me. So if people take away a few things, let me worry about it, you go on trusting.

But trust the whole of humanity. Whatever happens, don't lose your trust, because trust is so valuable. It is going to give you all that meditation can give, all that prayer can give, and without any effort. And if you can trust one human being, you know the knack of it and you can trust everybody.

My sannyasins have to remember it: trust everybody, because you have nothing to lose.

But don't lose your trust, because that is such a great quality of your being that it will open your being to godliness." - Osho