The Highest Form of Virtue is Unpopular

Unpopular acts signal some risk taking and genuine behavior.

"The highest form of virtue is unpopular..unpopular acts signal some risk taking and genuine behavior.
Courage is the only virtue you cannot fake.
Sticking up for truth when it is unpopular is far more of a virtue, because it costs you something--your reputation.
If you are a journalist and act in a way that risks ostracism, you are virtuous.
Some people only express their opinions as part of mob shaming, when it is safe to do so, and, in the bargain, think that they are displaying virtue.
This is not virtue but vice, a mixture of bullying and cowardice."

Concept: Take Risk

"When young people.."want to help mankind" the macro level:

1. Never engage in virtue-signaling
2. Never engage in rent-seeking;
3. You must start a business. Put yourself on the line, start a business.

.. Doing business will always help..
institutions may help but most do end up harming..
Courage(risk taking) is the highest virtue. We need entrepreneurs."
  • Skin in the Game