The Daring Greatly Manifestos

"Above all else, I want you to know that you are loved and lovable."

7:57 AM: 10/25/2023 - Note

I had written up to just before the section The Sacred Ego. At 7:15 AM, I was showing someone some free books, when I noticed one of them was written by the famous author Brené Brown. I flipped open the book and found these two letters, the second of which contains the message I intend to convey to the reader. I had not even read the full letters up to this point.

The Daring Greatly Leadership Manifesto

"To the CEOs and teachers. To the principals and the managers. To the politicians, community leaders, and decision-makers: We want to show up, we want to learn, and we want to inspire. We are hardwired for connection, curiosity, and engagement. We crave purpose, and we have a deep desire to create and contribute. We want to take risks, embrace our vulnerabilities, and be courageous. When learning and working are dehumanized—when you no longer see us and no longer encourage our daring, or when you only see what we produce or how we perform—we disengage and turn away from the very things that the world needs from us; our talent, our ideas, and our passion.
What we ask is that you engage with us, show up beside us, and learn from us. Feedback is a function of respect; when you don’t have honest conversations with us about our strengths and our opportunities for growth, we question our contributions and your commitment. Above all else, we ask that you show up, let yourself be seen, and be courageous.
Dare Greatly with us."
Daring Greatly - P. 212

The second letter,

8:20 AM: 12/21/23 - Note
Two months after writing this article,
preparing to release this tomorrow,
I had been considering taking out the following manifesto to shorten the length of this piece.

Two months ago, I printed a copy of the manifesto, and it sat collecting dust in an office. 
Today, as I look at and edit this section, 
I notice that on the wall opposite from me, someone has taken the printed copy and posted it on the wall. 
Two months later, I am simultaneously looking at the copy in this text and the printed copy on the wall. 
This has led me to include the manifesto in this newsletter, not just the quote but also the image version. 

The Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto - Daring Greatly P. 244