Quote: Gurdjieff: On Changing of Being and Understanding

What, then, has changed? His being has changed. And once being has changed understanding must change also.

his knowledge has not changed, and that he knew as much about the given subject before as he knows now. What, then, has changed? His being has changed.
And once being has changed understanding must change also.

"The difference between knowledge and understanding becomes clear when we realize that knowledge may be the function of one center. Understanding, however, is the function of three centers. Thus the thinking apparatus may know something. But understanding appears only when a man feels and senses what is connected with it.

"We have spoken earlier about mechanicalness. A man cannot say that he understands the idea of mechanicalness if he only knows about it with his mind. He must feel it with his whole mass, with his whole being; then he will understand it.

"In the sphere of practical activity people know very well the difference between mere knowledge and understanding. They realize that to know and to know how to do are two different things, and that knowing how to do is not created by knowledge alone. But outside the sphere of practical activity people do not clearly understand what understanding' means.

"As a rule, when people realize that they do not understand a thing they try to find a name for what they do not 'understand,' and when they find a name they say they
'understand.' But to 'find a name' does not mean to 'understand.' Unfortunately, people are usually satisfied with names. A man who knows a great many names, that is, a great many words, is deemed to understand a great dealβ€” again excepting, of course, any sphere of practical activity wherein his ignorance very soon becomes evident.’
- In Search of The Miraculous - Chapter 4

This is really something because then you could say that wisdom is the cultivation of a relationship with understanding.

Another way to say a relationship with God.

It also makes sense why it is a principle that a student cannot understand a teacher, β€œthen the problem is relationship, there is a problem in the relationship between the teacher and student.”

This makes sense that the student is not going to be able to feel the meaning if he is not connected to the teacher