An Inquiry Method

This process uproots a belief and then clears out the space by filling it with something positive, new.

  • Is that statement true?
  • Can you absolutely know that it’s true? [No, you can’t]
  • Who am I when i believe this thought?
  • If you never believed this thought- if this thought never crossed your mind again, who would you be without this thought?
  • What freedom would you have?
  • What would you have permission to do, to try?
  • What kind of permission would open up in your life if you didn’t believe this thought?
  • Would you feel free? Would you feel strong? Would you feel finally like you have enough time?
  • Is it true? No, it’s not true.

  • What’s the opposite of this story?
  • What are three times that this opposite story was true?

“I'm willing to see a person’s innocence in this.”

Above is a prayer that shows the results of this method.

This prayer[pushes the resentment in you up to the surface, and is uncomfortable.