Blue Sky Awakening: Awakening Through Your Awareness

“Who would you be if you believed there was nothing wrong with you?”—Tara Brach

Look into space, into the sky.
Look with an empty eye.
Be looking, yet not looking for something.

Then, sit inside yourself and look.
Looking without looking at.

The same sky is inside you. You are the vast blueness of the sky.
Thoughts are like clouds hovering around you, filling you.
But the gaps exist. The sky exists.

In this process, you find yourself, you find love.

Why Should I Do This?

I'm Tyler and I had an overactive mind that was completely overloaded with information from my world. I just wanted to be clear and remember who I was.

It seemed I could never concentrate.

I felt like I couldn't focus on my priorities or figure out what I was doing with my life or what I wanted to do. I wanted to be present and focus on the moment, enjoy life, and be happy, but I was constantly distracted no matter what I did. 

I was emotionally overwhelmed and always felt I was pushing too far and putting too much pressure on myself.

Nothing in life truly satisfied me, and I couldn't even be happy with my blessings. I couldn't hold on to them. I felt like I was constantly stirred up and stressing and drained, like the world's expectations,
and the expectations of my past that I could never meet..

I held the feeling that "I can't let the people who didn't believe in me be right."

I felt that "I can't let myself be the person who was too broken to try, who never learned how to fly and could only accept that I didn't make it." These were the pains at my root.

These were pains at my root waiting for me if I became too tired to avoid them. 

I believed in the philosophy of striving because it was my only option, 

to push myself to be light. The closer I pushed to the light, the darker I felt, the more I felt I was not the light I wanted to be. 

I continued on.

I became desperate to find a way out. I read and learned everyone I could, from whoever was actually okay, actually had found a way to exist and live with themselves without constant mental anguish. 

I was looking for how to allow myself to be myself and be real. 

Eventually, I came to fully understand that awareness is the only way, the only real solution, 

and that unless I became more aware of myself, there was no way I would ever change myself. 

Eventually, I understood that nothing I did while half-conscious could be of any hope. 

I understood that for me not to be myself, to get away from being unable to be with my pains, away from my heavy to hold identity that I couldn't survive, was to be conscious enough to do so. I had to be more conscious than I was.

I realized that the rest of my life will be affected by how conscious I am. 

So, I searched for the most conscious person I could find. 

Eventually, I found him, though he had spread his material across every domain. It took five years to find a core teaching from this one man. 

This teacher was Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, later known as Osho.

When I finally found this, I knew I had found it.

I felt hope and felt something like, 'Someone has figured this out, and if they can, maybe I can too.'

I felt an absolute resolve and dedication to get to this solution.

I was ready for this, ready for anything, whatever it took. So, I practiced this process until I succeeded. It had to succeed. My mind of self-judgments was getting close to being the end of me.

I finally arrived at the result that brought me to the whole, complete, pure, loving, indescribable state of reality, of what it means to be being. 

I remembered myself. I think I thought that was a metaphor. It wasn't a metaphor. After I remembered, I now know that not remembering who we are creates all of our pain and suffering for ourselves. 

In this, I feel like the noise has finally cleared, like I'm finally not afraid, like there is light in my eyes, like I could love, like I can love. 
I feel that only now my life has begun.

Many people believe that there is no simple technique that could meet anyone where they are.

I had to wade through all of these people. 

They must believe that because they won't even try. 

As for you, will you join those people in disbelief, 

or will you try this for your own self, for your own sake? 

This short piece captures much more of what I gained from this and explains how to use this technique. 

“Who would you be if you believed there was nothing wrong with you?”—Tara Brach