Why Is Self-Remembering The Easiest Way To Enlightenment?

How Self-Remembering Hits 3 Targets: - 1. What You Actually Desire - 2. Enjoyment And Fulfillment - 3. Overcoming Difficulty -

A combination of Self-Remembering and a Tantric or Buddhist pursuit is the easiest way to enlightenment that currently exists.

My intention is not to write a definition of enlightenment you agree with, but to frame what you currently understand must be required on this road.

First let’s take a look at what you know that you cannot keep with enlightenment. For a simple, general model we’ll say that enlightenment entails that you have no self, let us say that you are one with God. Let us establish this as the goal or destination.
While beliefs about enlightenment may differ, we can establish that it is generally accepted that enlightenment includes having dealt with self.

Then as a general frame, the road to enlightenment is a process of suffering.


You cannot take your problems with you.
Your emotional reactions, your triggers, your judgments, your fears, these are not compatible with enlightenment.
The only way through them is through the process of facing and accepting yourself and your world.

Let’s dispel two inaccurate beliefs about becoming whole so you do not misinterpret the above.

The first is the assumption that you can take a magic pill that ends your suffering and that this is enlightenment.

While this is true in the sense that you can access “That” which will make it easier to be with suffering, you still have to clear out your obstacles.

The second is, I don’t want you to mistake me for believing in Carl Jung’s model on which the West has operated from.

Self-Integration, the reconciliation of the conscious with the unconscious, the idea that you can integrate every aspect of yourself without any additional practice, has not been proven viable.

At this point I only intend to establish that regardless of whatever fulfillment or bliss or divine powers you experience on the road,
the road requires work and pain.

The road to enlightenment involves working with yourself.

Any belief in an instant-gratification solution to reach the end of suffering is fantasy.

If you can agree with these statements I can begin my argument for Self-Remembering. Otherwise, you should read no further.

Why Self-Remembering

To begin with why Self-Remembering,
first I’ll say that your self does not want Enlightenment.
Your self wants the fulfillment of its desires, including not to desire,
including the desire for enlightenment.

There are only two reasons a person wants enlightenment.

The first reason is the religious idea, the heaven.

A person has a fantasy in their mind of heaven and hopes to attain it. This is fantasy, their vision of Enlightenment does not exist, it is their personal idea.

The second reason is the desire for or the pursuit of truth.

To “give up everything,” no matter what it takes, no matter the cost for the pursuit of truth,
only this calling of the soul leads a person to pursue enlightenment as the goal.

Far enough along on this pursuit realize that while they may not desire enlightenment for the sake of enlightenment,
Enlightenment is a requirement for the attainment of their goal.
This is as it is said,
To find yourself you must lose yourself.


Pursuing other desires, even the desire for enlightenment, is something you may want, but not something that you are willing to pay the price of anything for.
You may want it, but not enough to die for it.
Your other desires,

  • The desire for enlightenment,
  • The desire for bliss,
  • The desire for fulfillment,
  • The desire for attainment,
  • The desire for achievement,
  • The desire to not suffer,

All of these desires still include keeping yourself intact, none of them involve an outcome where you are not there to have gained the outcome.

The pursuit of truth is beyond the person. Pursuing this, they may be willing to pay even the price of themselves.
They may even be willing to pay the price of enlightenment, the price of dying to themselves.

What about the one who believes there is no truth?

This one is in self-denial of their deeper knowing. They are using this belief to hold themselves back from action and remain where they currently are.
From another angle, they have no faith, they have no hope.
Faith and hope involve something outside of your current knowing.
If there is no possibility of a deeper truth beyond your current knowing,
you have no faith or hope in what is beyond your present circumstances.

While the self does not truly desire enlightenment,
The self does desire heaven,
and the self often believes that the price of struggling and striving is worth the cost of reaching to heaven.

In this way, the one pursuing the path to enlightenment is often striving and struggling to get there,
and even if they do get there,
what a difficult road it was.

Taking this approach is unnecessarily difficult.

This approach is unnecessarily difficult in the same way that approaching a day while rushing and striving is unnecessarily difficult.
You could have started the day with a mindful intention and approached the same affairs in a different manner that changed your experience of the road leading to the outcome.
By spending less in this way, you would have gained more.

In this same way, taking a different approach to the road is better than taking the hardest approach.

This is where Self-Remembering comes in.

Self-Remembering Hits Three Targets.

  • 1. Grants the self what it actually desires.
  • 2. The journey becomes more effortless and full.
  • 3. It is easier to overcome obstacles.

There is one shortcoming to Self-Remembering,

If the goal is not truth,
or even if the goal is truth but it is not important enough to a person,

Then a person no longer has a reason to continue seeking enlightenment.

Once they realize that they have attained what they truly desired, there is no reason to move forward on the search.

The risk of Self-Remembering is the self no longer desiring to pursue enlightenment,
or believing that it is fully enlightened already.


What a person truly desires is to be able to control themselves and their life.
I do not mean a control freak.
I mean that the self desires to be able to do what it wishes to do and be how it wishes to be.
This is the true desire of the self.

If you understand up to this point,
you already have the information to understand why including Self-Remembering is the easiest path.

Note that this work does not teach self remembering,
this work argues why it is worth pursuing as a goal.

How Self-Remembering Hits These Three Targets:
1. What You Actually Desire
2. Enjoyment And Fulfillment
3. Overcoming Difficulty

1.	Being Yourself
2.	SuperConscious Force
3.	Invincibility

End of Part I.

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