What Matters To You?

What Matters To You?

Once you get to a certain point, the question changes from,

“How do I become powerful?”

To “How powerful do I want to become?”

When you become an autonomous agent of change, you are able to be who you are and not who you or the world thinks you should be. 

There is something to know. There are two parts of you. There is the you that tries to be right, tries to survive against your own limitations and be who you think you should be. Then you get tired and exhausted and switch over to your egoic will. You let out how you really wish you were and the negative parts you’ve hidden from yourself and the world. 

You cycle between these two selves, growing more tired with each cycle. 

Here’s the problem. There is a part of you with absolute will and determination, 

but you are afraid of that part because you have seen it as a monster and you don’t want to be judged, you don’t want to think of yourself as the dangerous individual that you really are. 

So when someone mentions the idea of power, the beliefs in you say that you don’t want anything to do with it, you don’t want to think of yourself in that way. 

That version of you, that capable version of you that doesn’t hold back, it comes out eventually as a negative egoist because you repress it and deny it. 

When you reconcile yourself, when you realize yourself, when you get over yourself, 

You can actually change, you can grow from who you are. 

The only one who can do this is you, and the only one who can face their self is you. 

There are ways this can be done. If you want it. 

The question is, how far are you willing to go for yourself, for your own life?

At what point do you compromise, 

At what point do you choose against wholeness and total appreciation of reality, 

Instead, joining the ranks of the people who make the world “good”? 

What is more important to you? 

What is good for humanity? 

Or what humanity calls good? 

These are questions you can only ask yourself.