The Zen N! #48

The question strategy for life.

The Zen N! #48

The Focus of The Newsletter

This Week's Newsletter Contains,

1. E + Z = Question: Finale and Epilogue

2. Law 48 [it's the 48th newsletter!]

3. A Seeker's Question

E + Z = Question: Finale and Epilogue

Hi, I’m Tyler Choice. I have a background in hacking and reverse engineering, and I enjoy applying those processes to reality.
In this work, I describe the question strategy for life.


An Easy Question,

Who Would I Be If There Were No Other Outside Voices Or Influences?

All of reality, all of existence, conforms around the question you ask.

--As an ultimate law of existence.

Forget goals, forget purpose, look at questions. All of reality conforms around you to answer your question. All the information that comes to you, your dreams, your conversations, your events, your outcomes, they all conform to your question.

My Story:
It appears from my vantage point that all of reality, all of my existence, all of my life has conformed around me coming to this single point, this single thesis that all of reality conforms around the question you ask.

It was always here, it was in my art project in 2020 but I did not yet see it.

The Project:
My consciousness made this thesis in 2020 and it took 3 years for it to surface into my waking consciousness.

Great teachers teach you to destroy all of your beliefs and conclusions.

But Why?

No one answers why.

Why is a very deep answer. Why is because:

Relationships are deeper than beliefs and conclusions.

Relationships are an understanding and intimacy that take place deeper than the surface level mind.


It has been several months since I wrote The EZ Question,

which I will be renaming to E + Z = Question.

I will tell you the truth I have found in that time, though it may sound paradoxical.

A Question Does Not Need A Definitive Answer.
The Best Questions Do Not Have Answers.
How Can You Search For A Question That Has No Answer?

The only answer in words that I can give is: You can, and doing so can get you to a place you didn't know you could go.

1 2 3 Takeaway: E + Z = Question:

  1. Life will not answer questions you do not ask.
  2. If you search for the answer to a question, you will have results.
  3. You can reach your goal–as an absolute certainty–if you set your goal as: the answer to a question.
This is why every successful person is asking the same question:
How do I solve X problem for the world?

We as humans are designed for this.

The biggest question I get asked is,

"But What If I Cannot Trust My Own Answers?"

This is a great question. Like most great questions, the answer is in the question.

The answer is, you need to learn to trust your own answers.

This answer leads to the next essential question:

How Do I Learn To Trust My Own Answers?

This question is a fundamental, existential question that affects the outcome of your entire life, in a world that you cannot understand or control.

Yesterday I released The 1-2 System. I'm creating instructions for how to use it in the future, but you can check it out now to see if you can use any of it to help you. It contains the entirety of my refined background processes for creation,
and works specifically with The E + Z = Question strategy.
Link: The 1-2 System

My answer to the last question:
How Do I Learn To Trust My Own Answers?

You close your eyes, you ask this question, you listen for an answer.
Ask it every day if you must, set it as a priority,
as if you would fall off of a cliff to your death if you did not find out how.

Search, and search, and life will give you the answers to the questions you ask, by law.

I do mean that life will literally bring you the answers, in the real world.

I will include a PNG copy of The Key that you can use for this below.
image: 3 days ago, a member having success with The Key.

Who Would I Be If There Were No Outside Voices Or Influences?

What would you wish for if you had finished all that you had ever set out to do?

What is the thing you've been putting off until the right time?
What would be the cost of the sacrifice needed to make that happen?
What would be the cost of putting it off?

What would happen if you started executing on that today?

Thank you for reading! - Tyler

2 - The 48th Law

Assume Formlessness.

By taking a shape, by having a visible plan, you open yourself to attack.

from a reddit comment:

“From the movie Forbidden Kingdom on Kung Fu: Learn the form, seek the formless. Hear the soundless. Learn it all, and forget it all. Learn the way, and then find your own way. But do not name it, my friend. For it is like water. Nothing is softer than water, yet it can overcome rock. It does not fight, it flows along the opponent. Formless, nameless. A true master dwells within. Only you can free him." - anonymous reddit user

3 - A Seeker’s Question

Could the “intuitive flash” be a cognitive quantum leap;
and enlightenment, a quantum leap of the being?
"Intuition and enlightenment are not two things.
Your innermost center is your enlightenment.
It is not that you become enlightened, you are enlightened, but your thinking prevents you from recognizing it. The quantum leap is needed:
from thinking to no-thinking, from mind to no-mind, from out to in, from here to there, from then to now."
- Osho
To simplify this:
If you had a quiet mind, you could hear your silent inner voice.
This is the same inner voice you hear when you use The Key.
This is the same inner voice that has warned you of great perils in your life and told you things you could not know.
The silent inner voice is always with you, but you have not heard it.

When I mentioned "A relationship" earlier, what I meant was a relationship with the inner voice, a listening to the inner voice.

Questions and Feedback

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Is this my new favorite quote??

"But all the great people - the poets, the painters, the sculptors, the scientists, the mystics - have all been eccentric.
The finding is that the eccentric people don't bother about the masses; they are more integrated individuals. They live according to their own light, they have their own style. You may condemn them, but you cannot make them compromise." - Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

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Thank you for being here! Have a great week and upcoming 4th!