Being Taken Apart in V's Mystery School

V reverse-engineers a person by creating a scene and the information that will lead them in the direction he sees the target needs to go.

V got me.

Sorry to hear that, man, BUT isn't that kind of what you wanted?


Either way, tell me what happened.

First, this note,

V doesn’t know I’m a hacker the same as him, how much deconstruction and reverse-engineering I’ve done on myself, or that I understand what he’s saying.
He might not know that his people won’t ever wake up unless they first understand him, and he’s not currently getting through.

V is extremely intelligent, I understand his strategy. He reverse-engineers a person by creating a scene and the information that will lead them in the direction he sees the target needs to go. He painted a two-part story.

The first,

he might believe himself, and it is also true from an angle, but it is made more true from the lack of the information I gave him. He knows I brought in toxic energy, he knows I didn’t attend the evening group and likely didn’t expect I’d come back, he knows I haven’t pursued his group, he knows that I didn’t show up, and he knows that I’m a fractured and damaged vessel.

So, when I didn’t show up, there's a 99% chance he explained to the group that he can’t save everyone and that some people get left behind and he doesn’t have time for them, referring to me. I know this because he and others were continually referring back to this conversation I wasn’t a part of. What he added to this story was that I’m a coward.

There's something interesting to note about the "You can't save everyone" story.
The teacher fails a student.
This becomes the fuel for the teacher to strive to saving someone like the one they could not save.

You may remember this story as played out in, The 6th Sense[1999 film].

I have seen this pattern play out with me being the potential "redeemable second student" with two teachers.

The first regarding the teacher, is one who, although being a prodigy in the Buddhist space, did not get the help he needed and committed suicide.

The second is regarding V,
in V's recent backstory, a very damaged person has just left V's group has become a large narrative in his life, such so that the group members are upset by the outcome, and to which
V himself says, "I can't make anyone stay. But, I probably am the only person who could have helped him."

And he says this because he knows this is the truth.

It is no coincidence that I join his group following this aftermath.

At face value, as it is, reality does make that the case, but he still doesn’t know why I’m not following him.

Now, someone else had mentioned when they felt rejection as a child, so I brought in a tidbit of the memory when I decided I didn’t need others and would fly solo. V responded to this that flying solo was good and that it marked strength.

V brought up a story to someone that he was almost kicked out of the big mystery school of [redacted] members because he had offended a powerful psychic, who told the school that he should be removed because he was working with darkness and occult powers. Which he then admitted was absolutely true, and that he was asked by others to teach them, but that he would not because of the misuse of that. The story ends that he was allowed to stay by a 51% vote in his favor.

This story was the parable to myself, being rejected from his mystery school because of bringing in toxic energy.

So he was maybe letting you know that you aren't much different from him?

Nope. He explained his processes over the course of these meetings, so I already have them and know what he did. Again, he basically opportunistically takes advantage of the moment to serve his goal and uses the group as his indirect assault on the person. He is saying something to someone for the purpose of something else.

This isn’t the case because this is one of V’s blind spots, stemming from the “I’m not understood” foundation. This is one of my rarest understandings and differences between other people is that I have a "special understanding" here.

This "special understanding" requires a pretty meta self-reflection.

What it is, is that a strong and intelligent ego finds that they are encountering people that have a similar likeness to them. They contain similar personality traits and patterns, but each of these vessels contains a level of unawareness; they are simply one single shade, not a spectrum.

The person begins to realize that these characters they are meeting are like NPC versions of themselves, just a single shade, with no underlying awareness. This causes the person to conclude that they must have some kind of special intelligence, something different than these single-shaded versions of themselves, these almost robotic clone versions of themselves.

The awareness of this special intelligence leads the person to believe that they are essentially a whole person, while others are like fragments of a person.

In reality, they are partially correct. It is true that they are encountering single-shaded characters by means of proximity and statistical probability. They don’t know that outside of that area, other “whole people” exist. It doesn’t matter if they encounter whole people later because they have already concreted this belief in youth and it has become a foundational understanding of oneself.

This all reinforces the original belief that “I’m not understood,” and “I am the outsider, different than the others,” as well as, “I’m the definitive version of this character.”

“There are many Buzz Lightyears, but I am the real Buzz Lightyear."

You can see this in Toy Story, that the second activated Buzz Lightyear is not the Buzz Lightyear we know; he possesses this v1 unawareness.

This is to establish the fundamental truth of the consciousness that "I am alone."

This is what I’m calling my special understanding, the awareness of this.

When I developed this understanding, consciousness brought me to encounter many people that have this issue and have brought me in to be a friend in their world.

The person does not see outside of this story, so their perspective remains that as a self, they are alone, regardless of realizing the universality of Being-ness or, to say, the True Self.

So you're trying to find the alone people and let them know that, even though they are alone, we're all alone together?

Yes, this programming was built in, and this is what I loosely call the Uzumaki principle because this is the profile of Naruto Uzumaki and what he does.

Naruto finds a rare and amazing person, the prince of a kingdom, that is fundamentally alone in that kingdom. This has happened in my life a few times, later on with men that fit the same age range and profile of V.

What furthers this belief late stage is that humans don’t know that a fully realized male after like 50 years old is a God. A walking one-man army, although usually he is still oppressed by his world.

So back to how V opportunistically used events, he recognized that he can’t help me and concluded that I be left behind.

He recognized the profile.

He saw the Soloist aspect of my profile as the target to

take me further on the path.

And what he did was he created a story that would cause the person to feel that they should double down on the Soloist, for the purpose of going down a road that would cause the person to accept themselves as a soloist.

Finally, he saw another opportunity to hit a field of targets, myself included, by addressing that the survival aspect of oneself, the cold-blooded, ruthless aspect of a person, should be looked at and made aware of and self-accepted.

So then, for this person, he created the narrative and events to drive the person further into an independence and ruthlessness to:

  • develop strength,
  • face rejection,
  • face fear,
  • accept oneself.

To get a person to a place where they would choose openness and love independent of the world. I gave him the target initially by saying to him in the first meeting, “My last obstacle is fear.”

The reason I see what went on here isn’t because of my background skills; it’s because my Knower is active. The Knower knows what is happening in oneself and others; nothing hides from it. It should be impossible for V to not detect the Knower, and this would be why he tackled the problem in this way. There’s no reason to assault my ego directly when the Knower is active, because the Knower can take the necessary information it needs to go and let the person work with it.

I don’t think V had any awareness of where I am as being, because my being was not very present, but the Knower “faculty” is pretty much unmissable to one who has it.

That said, just because a person has the Knower active, doesn’t mean they are very aware of it or connected to it or working with it.

Hmm, everything you're saying makes sense, and I too have had similar encounters in my life, so I think my opinion at this time is that it was good for both of you that you met. You tested yourself against V, and he did the same against you, but it sounds like you understand him, whereas he does not understand you.

Definitely. He understands things about me I haven’t said.

  • He should be able to recognize that I have a desire to be seen by him,
  • that I have a desire to be seen as an effective force,
  • and that my thought space contains unconsciousness.

I’m not sure if he would know how fast unconsciousness, aka delusion, falls from me, and he definitely does not know that I believe what he believes and that I don’t believe anything or any of my own bullshit.

What he definitely sees is that I’m not on the winning path, which is the same reason he decided to give up on me as a client.

But he welcomed me as someone to be connected to his group.

What he sees is the raw truth, and the raw truth is simple:

it wouldn’t matter if he saw that I was gifted or a certain archetype or not.

A coward doesn’t win.
Those who don’t play can’t win.

At the very end of this, a person spoke about me, the conversation that I had missed, in which V disclosed most of these thoughts on giving up on me.

The person did not agree with this and rationalized it by saying,

"If this person is toxic, if they are like a child, unhelpable, and yet an adult, how can you abandon them? Are not adults much like children? Would you abandon a child?”

V’s answer was yes, because he doesn’t have time to save everyone.

Then, he expressed the understanding that the universe functions perfectly and is exactly how it’s supposed to happen.

In saying this, he was speaking from the Knower, disclosing to my Knower that he fully knows that I’m on my path and that I received exactly what I was there to receive.

What’s mildly beautiful about this is Joaquin Phoenix plays a character in the movie The Master, in which he is a very damaged man that finds a cult leader and befriends him, and they develop a relationship, but the cult leader is ultimately unable to save him.

Thank You For Reading! Be Blessed!