Steps To That [awakening]: Tyler - Describing Satori - 06-23-24

Full Disclosure. The Energetic Process To Awakening. The third satori, Being God, the model of energy, What Non-striving means, The process of the Seeker.

As I write this, I write this as a mind of Ego with God still in my breath.
In this, I am recording my understanding.
My perspective on enlightenment going forward will differ significantly from other teachers, although it is a parallel to Buddha’s own thoughts.

I don’t mean that other teachers are wrong, only that they have a different interpretation about reality. This is in the same sense as much of the Bible, in which there are statements such as,
“God became angry and rained down thunder and lightning.”
The author of this text is not lying, they aren’t wrong. Thunder and lightning occurred as an event.
That God was angry was an interpretation.

The fundamental difference in teaching that I will disclose here is concerning the meaning of non-striving. I see the Buddha’s teaching of non-striving was a poor explanation of his own perspective.
As I look through my memories of information, Osho also backs this up in explaining enlightenment as a natural arising phenomenon, a process.

What non-striving means in this interpretation, is that it is not the ego’s strivings of change that cause enlightenment,
but rather enlightenment is simply a process that unfolds.

The way I will model this again differs from other teachers. The model is simply this, it concerns
energy, exposure, surrender.

I now have enough data to make this claim and model this.


Last night, I again became close to another Satori. There is no mistake, there is nothing else like it.
As a human, as a person, I have tantric and powerful emotional experiences. They are nothing like a Satori.
⁃ After processing and letting go of difficulties and sufferings, I experience phenomenal waves of ecstasy and bliss.
⁃ In shared moments of deep love and acceptance and truth, I have overwhelmingly large experiences of peace and profound grace and power.
⁃ In contemplation and Gnosis, I experience Mind as form and substance and creative power
⁃ In deep silence, I experience tantric intimacy and pleasure. Emptiness. Nothingness. Being.
⁃ In mindfulness or non-duality, I experience reality as awareness or flow or a totally connected life.
⁃ In my passions, I experience a total fulfillment, appreciation, inspiration that is my favorite drug in the world.
⁃ With the Ocean, with the moon, with the night, I experience the original timeless nothingness, before I came into the world and after I leave.
⁃ In spending time with people deep into meditating on the holy spirit and christ, I have experienced powerful and different manifestations of God known as Glory or Presence.
⁃ In my day to day experience, I have large moments of overwhelming ecstasy and pleasure.
Due to the nature of these experiences and seeing myself as an observer or witness consciousness, and noticing that these experiences went beyond those of the poets and artists, although describing what some have experienced, I found that what I am is what people call a mystic.

All this is to say that Satori is not of the nature of these experiences. I have watched delusional people make claims of having Nirvana, and the experience they describe is of a nature comparable to my intense physiological and transcendental experiences. The mind is extremely powerful and can produce anything, far beyond the limits of what a person believes can be experienced.

Satori is different. Satori is like, the last experience. The only “real” experience. Satori is not experience nor not experience.
I can now look at the 112 techniques of tantra, and all of them have two levels.
The first is a unique experience that could reach up to Enlightenment.
The second level, is Enlightenment containing these experiences.

Somehow, in a way beyond my human understanding, the difference is that Enlightenment is a constant, a singular Happening, while all other experiences are temporary. Even timeless experiences are temporary.

Any experience could be repeatable,
so shouldn’t this be the same as Enlightenment?
On paper, from the understanding of my human mind, this would be the case,
but it is not.
Somehow, Enlightenment can contain all experiences and no experiences.

So last night was the third time I have approached a Satori. I recognized that it was near, the conditions for it are the sunset and a moment of perfection, a perfect serenity and appreciation,
this is the moment that I can come near the door. Enlightenment is beyond the sky, beyond a perfect moment, beyond perfection, it is beyond.
This is what I mean by two levels of the 112 meditations. On the first level you can reach to the beyond. On the second level, you go beyond the beyond.

So last night as it dawned, I recognized it and gave it my full complete attention, every nuance, every subtlety, every incremental change.
The parts as they unfold,
The first part is the awareness of This is in the space, in my consciousness.
The second is that This is in the physical space.
The third is that This is somewhere inside me, but upon investigation, it is not inside me, it cannot be located.
It is at this point I begin meditating on “there is no mind.”

I look over and tell her that I’m close to the door again. In my mind, I don’t believe I will reach to it today, I seem farther away than last time. I tell her that when this does happen, at the door, the feeling of having a head disappears.
I am looking at my experience of having a head and it is there, a container, I can physically feel my sinus headache.
I explain to her with a hand motion: sweeping my hand across the air,
that the experience of This is as though it cuts through everything, cuts through the body, until there is no body.

Within a minute of saying this, as focus on This, my head fills with This, and then my head does start to disappear.

I had mentally told myself that a Satori would not happen, that I was not close enough to the door for it to happen, so this was the perspective I was holding.

Part of the reason for that was that I did not mentally identify as the Self. God. This. A remembering of Self that could only be that has always been but is forgotten by everyone.

Within about ten minutes however, I was the Self. In my first Satori, remembering Self was a fresh experience, so I identified with it. In this “third” [I’ll explain later] Satori, I was Self but I was not mentally identifying as It, as anything, I was one with It.

I was It, my space was It, my body became God, God’s body. The body was full of a physical manifestation of God energy. When I say God, I don’t mean a religious idea of God. The only description of God I can give is the totally awake, realized, Everything that exists.
I was not only me, I was also her with me, and as I was fully present with her, and she could see me, looking into her eyes,
she said, with full meaning and sincerity,
speaking to someone else, and not to Tyler,
“Are you Reincarnated?”
And I said, “Yeah.”

God was with her. The same All Loving, All Seeing God. She was with God and her body was also God.
In these moments, the only person there was her. She was alone with God.

In none of this am I describing any faith or belief, I am using the analytical faculty of the mind to describe events with the information available to me.

This data gave me the full model from which I understand this process, a process that has nothing to do with striving, a process that is science, just a process.

The process of enlightenment has nothing to do with an individual or merit, but relies solely on the development of the person.
The process requires only one variable:
An energetically sensitive vessel.

I say that no striving is needed, and yet, for the creation of an energetically sensitive vessel, there is the experience of striving.

I will give my timeline that will allow me to explain how this is a process. Understanding reality from Gurdjieff’s teachings has allowed me to see this better.

⁃ The first Satori, I believe happened between 5 days and two weeks after I had spoken to Vishrant online.
⁃ The second “Satori” was not a Satori, I didn’t make it to the door. This came around five days after I watched a video of Vishrant but made no contact with him. I noticed This in my consciousness, but nothing came of it.
⁃ The third Satori, now that I’m tracking the timeline, happened exactly 5 days after I made contact with Vishrant online.

The process is simple and as follows,
1. Point of contact
2. Acclimation
3. Output

An energetically sensitive vessel, one that is empty and can fully receive energy,
that is, a vessel that can absorb energy,
makes contact with the Buddha presence.
Taking it in fully, that Buddha energy is now in the consciousness.

Then, acclimation starts. The energy attempts to acclimate with the vessel.
All forms of energy go to find a home for which to land.
During my experience the thought arose in my consciousness and I spoke it to her,
“Energy flows where Attention goes.”
When you have energy, it will find a place to go, if you direct your attention to a location, the energy will also flow in that direction.
So if you possessed compassionate healing energy, you could direct it to a place where it could acclimate.
If you directed positive energy to negative energy, it would acclimate to that space and the energy would convert to neutral.

The vessel has taken in Buddha energy and now naturally starts to acclimate to the consciousness. There is only one problem. This unique energy cannot really go anywhere. It can only go so much into the vessel, it can only go so much into the air,
Paradoxically, reality is already 100% full of this energy, so there is not actually anywhere to go,
and there is not actually anything it can acclimate to.
So, part 3 of the process unfolds.

Output. After about 5 days, the consciousness is ready to get rid of the additional sensed energy supply, as it has not acclimated.
There is one place the consciousness could attempt to push this energy out, to a place of its own kind. The place the consciousness could attempt to push the energy out to is the perfect and total reality.
So the sun is setting, the sunlight is on the leaves and the wind is blowing, reality is perfect.
The perfect opportunity for the consciousness to push out this accumulated extra energy.
So it attempts to push the Buddha energy into reality.
This cannot work, reality is already full.
So what happens is, if pushing out does not work, there’s only one other way to try to push the energy, and that is back in.

Now the Buddha energy pushes back into the person, and this overload of God, of This, causes Satori.
Why? Because Enlightenment is always Reality. We are always God.
The energy has no where to go because it Is. It is the only energy, the only source.

It is at this moment that the consciousness recognizes that the reason it cannot push out This, or pull in This, that there is nowhere for This to go,
that the consciousness remembers that it is This, it is Itself. It cannot push away from pull to itself, it cannot add to or subtract from itself.
The consciousness recognizes that This is everywhere, that it cannot go anywhere and that it could never go anywhere.
This could never not exist nor could it exist.


What do I mean that Non-Striving refers to this being a process?

I said that striving is not part of this process, there is another reason for that.
Striving is in the ego’s plans.
The ego has expectations, plans, timelines, preferences.
Becoming God in this moment was not in my plans. When I look at it, it would probably never be in my plans. My plans include how I want to change, how I want to develop, who I want to become, where I want to go.

None of my plans ever said, “I want to become enlightened.”
And more recently, none of my plans ever said, “I want to be God.”
None of my desires include the desire to be God, including even my subconscious desires. The desires of my ego are not to be God, but to be the Rebel in all forms.

When I say I am God,
It is not from a place of pride or belief or faith, it is not the hope that, “I wish to have power and so I wish to be God.”

Now there could absolutely be desires for my ego to have the Image of God, the Idea of God, to be all loving, all knowing, all powerful, but that is an idea, a feeling, a desire for the creation of an image,
a desire for the creation of a character on a stage.

As for actually being God, there is no desire.
Being God, not imagining being God, is a direct assault on the entirety of the ego. Everything the ego knows, believes, and thinks is based on fundamental insufficiency, lack.
The ego desires to be what it is not.
The ego does not desire to be what It is.

How does this make sense?
It is because the desire of ego comes out of insufficiency, not sufficiency.
There is desire for insufficiency to have sufficiency.
There is no desire for sufficiency to have sufficiency.

the timeline of Realizing right now doesn’t fit with my intentions or plans.


I have described this model of how the energetic process works, why a person doesn’t actually pursue this,
and why an energetically sensitive person is required.

What makes the energetically sensitive person?

The shallow answer is, Surrender.
The real answer is, breakdown.

To become truly energetically sensitive,
An ego has to be brought to a point of breakdown, a faux first death.
After this breaking point has been reached, the person’s “heart” activates as open, as opening through pain, and this allows the first reception of energies from outside of oneself.

Then a person becomes what has been called in New Age, an Empath. Their vessel now receives from everywhere, whether they like it or not. At first, they absorb any and all energy.
Over time, their soul becomes selective of finer energies and this leads them onto the path of seeking light, which happens to be truth.
What calls the person to truth has nothing to do with moral obligation or values, but the soul being called to an energetic food source.
As the taste for energy refines and the soul desires higher and higher, purer and purer energy, it will eventually plateau.

For the person’s sanity and survival, they will now recognize that as this “Empath,” they are always taking in energy.
If they take in energy from others and the outside, they will drain.
They will realize that as they are now naturally receptive no matter what, there is no off switch, they have become a Source, a fountain.
They then recognize that in order to recharge from what they call Source, their own fountain, all that is required is time and space.

At this point the person recognizes they need silence and space. This is when they begin to distance and loosen their grip from the attachment of the world that worries about them and is addicted to them.

They now take silence and space to recharge, and in this space they recognize their emptiness and begin to work with it.
They now have a superpower,
Alone, they are emptiness,
In the world, they can now absorb what is in others and process it for them.
This is experienced as “being with” people.

Now that they have silence and space in emptiness, their true inner voice begins to emerge from their depths, the voice that has been speaking that they have not heard from noise and distraction.

This voice instructs the person to pivot towards truth, towards meaning, towards finding themselves and the true desires of the heart.

It is from that point that they are now truly a Seeker, and are seeking the wine of the soul, food for the soul, the highest truth they can find. If they find someone with the energy of a Buddha,
the energy witnessed by one who has found, one who has refined themselves such to be one with truth, the real truth, the real voice of the real Mind,
the resonance of this known truth will become a perfect reflection of one’s true inner Self.

If this energetically sensitive person makes contact with Buddha energy, the process I have described will happen, and they will inevitably be drawn to Enlightenment.

For nothing else will ever call the soul as much as this, it will be pulled to this source against any personal will or opposing power.