How Do I Become Realized?

You have to get off of Tatooine.

How Do I Become Realized?

“How Should We Live Our Lives?”

Forget my vessel’s personal answer to this question. 

My personal answer to this question is, you create your life, you co-create a story with the world and take part in the divine drama. That is, you play your character and participate in the scene. 

Forget how “we” should live our lives and first identify what you are in the external world, in the world outside. 

Optimally, you should become Realized. To become Realized, you must first understand what you are externally. 

Become individuated, an individual, but recognize that what you are externally is not an individual. 

You are, as the external world, not an individual. Externally, you are not an individuated self. You are a single point of an interconnected intelligence, one part of a larger body. 

This is not a concept. 

This is not saying you are one part of a whole as a concept, as an idea that you imagine could be true. 

This is saying that based on how the networked intelligence works, you are a part of a whole. 

If you can understand and work with this, you can pursue Self-Realization. 

To Realize, you need other people. 

This will make sense if you can see the situation from a large frame.

The mind prefers abstractions to view the picture. To say this as another abstraction:

To plug into the mainframe, you need to work with the network. 

GIF - Thanks to Ned and his AI companion, Ether.

To say this as reality, you have to interact with the network to access your greater intelligence. 

The more people you know, the more Self-Realized you become, because more of your intelligence is accessible. 


You have a vessel that is plugged into the mainframe, but you are not the vessel, you are the mainframe. 

Your data, your intelligence, is accessed through the mainframe. 

You cannot access your data if the data cannot flow through you. 

If you are not networked, your data cannot flow through you, because the data passes through the network. 

This is the situation: 

Each vessel can only receive so much data, a tiny amount at any given moment. 

But, you can receive from as many vessels as you want at any given moment. 

Each vessel connected to another vessel creates a vine. Through a vine, you receive a single stream of data from the mainframe. 

You are at the center of yourself, and each person you are connected with is another vine extending outwards from you. 

In this way, your mini-network is a cluster of vines with a center point,

connected with other mini-networks. 

If there are enough vines, you have enough of your intelligence active that you will be able to think. 

If there are no vines, you are a single vessel with a single stream of thought, you do not have enough data to know yourself or much of anything else. 

If you have enough active streams, then you can think. You can have an intelligence.

Not even books are enough to help you. The vines have to be active in this moment for living data to pass through you. 

If you understand this model, 

The first objective is that you have to become networked to have enough vines active in order to think. 

Then you can start thinking pragmatically based on the situation. 

The situation: if you want to be able to think optimally, you have to get off a desert planet and into free space.

To use a Sci-Fi analogy:

If you have a ship in outer space, 

it doesn’t help to be far away from civilization on a rocky barren forgotten planet with a couple of scavengers in the middle of nowhere.

It doesn’t help to be living in Tattoine in the middle of nowhere. —It especially does not help when Tattoine is a planet that part of a network of slave planets from which its inhabitants cannot escape.

You have to get off Tattoine. 

You have to get on a Millennium Falcon with a little group of interesting fellows heading to the center of action. This is the hardest part of the journey, getting onto the ship. 

Optimally, starting off, you need to get to a central hub where there are many vines and a lot of data is passing through, like a lowlife Mos Eisley Cantina where you might be able to purchase a ship to get off world.
The problem is, if you’re in the middle of a slave nation, the only people at a local active network hub are going to be mostly dangerous types. The nearby hub is a dangerous and chaotic network, but a network nontheless.

Better to head into a dangerous network that is connected to the larger systems than stay in the middle of nowhere forever. Since you have not self-realized, you’ll need someone like a dangerous mercenary to help you set out on your way, whether you can trust them or not.
Why? Because they have survived out there, and you haven’t.

Now, consider again that each person is a cluster, a mini-network. 

There are mini-networks that are plugged in to other mini-networks to form larger clusters of networks. 

There are people who are centered in the center of network clusters. These are the people you call God, or one with God, or even: fully-realized people. 

Their intelligence is fully active. They can think. They can use their mind, they can use the mainframe. There is 100% data flow. 

So how should you live your life, pragmatically: you point your ship at one of these people to the center of a network so that you are able to think enough to have a direction. 

Of course, you will still need to build a mini-network.

What good will it be if you plug into a fully realized person and you don’t have an active network? 

Then you only have two vines active, your own, and theirs. What good are you to them? You are a barren desert. What good are they to you? You have no intelligence to make use of their information.

Sure, you could say filling the desert with a God mind forever is a good idea, a good strategy.

But it’s not, because you don’t have any vines to think for yourself. You don‘t have enough active intelligence to understand the God or even know who he is. To you, he is simply “Old Ben.” You might know he is real, but you don’t yet know what it means to be real. You have never seen the real world.

In real life, think of Tony Robbins as Old Ben. Tony is a fully realized person in his world. Hanging out with Tony, watching his videos, it wouldn’t be enough to help you become like Tony. Tony Robbins is who he is, the good and realized version of Tony because he is so connected to his world. He could point you in the right direction, but hanging out with him in the desert is not enough.

Although I’ve said many “shoulds,” 

I’ve only drawn a model and illustrated a picture for consideration. 

There are different paths to take to this model.

As a last illustration, take this chain of events to the model.

  • Luke Skywalker is on a scripted path on slave planet Tatooine. 
  • He meets a fully realized person, but he doesn’t recognize who he is or what that means. “Old Ben.” He’s always been there, but Luke has no awareness of what it means to be realized. 
  • Fate directs Luke to Old Ben, who pivots the direction of Luke’s life in a direction towards the center. 
  • Old Ben gets Luke onto the ship that allows him the freedom of navigation to direct towards the center of the current happening of events. 
  • By the time Luke realizes that Old Ben is a Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, he understands Obi-Wan is not going to walk the journey with him. Luke has to make the journey alone, with unknowing. To survive, he needs companions that can handle the trials of the journey. This includes one like even Han Solo, a dangerous, unstable, unethical mercenary.
What if I’m already to old? Not smart enough? Not capable enough? None of these come from your Realized Self. The Realized Self is an original living intelligence, it doesn’t have these characteristics. Obi-Wan may appear like Old Ben, and yet as a Master, as a Realized one, he is youthful and capable to be on a journey.

Thank You for Reading!