Would You Say An Agnostic Who Wants To Believe Loves God?

Is loving the experience of life as God respecting other peoples idea of god?

Hi, I'm Tyler Choice. I have a background in hacking and I enjoy reverse-engineering mystic works and ideas. Thanks for tuning in to this discussion!

I have long thought about the amount of suffering necessary to motivate a person to pursue the practice..

J: It's choosing to cease to be.

I have long thought that all practices, whatever flavor, however off the mark you are in your thinking, are really leading to the doorway of the heart.

Totally..Therapists are trying to reduce suffering, just like Buddha.

Yeah. That’s part of the road on escaping suffering. At where I’m at right now, the motivation for ceasing to be would be love motivated.

That feels more noble than just desiring an escape from existence.

It feels like a much different part of me than an ambitious striving part of me.

The relationship with god is a big indicator of.. the effectiveness of a person trying to help.

What do you mean? This is a very disturbing implication.

It’s a lot to unpack.

The person against God is like a person who has been scathed,

and that scathing drives some of their behavior.

It causes them to shield away from the kind of inspired thought that would allow them to help people. They can get very far and help many people, but the limitation is significant and evident.

You're implying our very body holds the suffering even when we don't bring awareness to it.

Yes, it’s always, always there for every single second since it has never left, you just notice it or not, and if you don’t notice it, it’s in passive so it’s altering your behavior in some way. The good part is, a feeling dealt with vanishes like every other feeling

Would you say an Agnostic who wants to believe loves god? Is loving the experience of life as God respecting other peoples idea of god?

I find the term god limiting, but recognize we are limited beings, so I understand its usefulness.

The personal relationship with god takes priority over how other people feel about it,

In general, the agnostic who wants to believe in God is usually someone who is good, who has been told of false religion and doesn’t want a part in it and has become agnostic as a result,

  • And they already know god, sense god, they already have a sense of truth,
  • And they want the real thing not the counterfeit,
  • And the world will persecute them for it.

What is true religion?

There’s a sense of truth deep within you, and it resounds within you when you hear it from outside–And, you’re getting closer to that.

That's a matter of practicality though. Why bring god into it? So when does the agnostic experience the real thing?

This is because the image and label of god planted in the subconscious by society does include real elements of goodness.

If you create a resentment against it, you create a resentment against your sense of goodness. Resentments keep you from being “one with your inner goodness”.

The relationship with god, your higher power, creates a filter that affects your perception of reality, self, and your relationships.

Why hate the collective unconscious?

Ultimately–ideally–you would restore your relationship with the world so you don’t have resentments against people either.

I think if you had any baptism experience or holy spirit experience you might have had a taste of Spirit and you follow that essence,

If not, you follow something like Consciousness, higher inspired thought.

Yeah. I grew up religious.

So, on that front, I would say you are following god, because you’re being called to go on a deeper path than the religious people you were with are going.

A large part of it is; how you feel about a god or universe supporting you.

It could be said that the religion created a curse on us that damaged our relationship with god,

but even if it’s the religion’s fault,

we’re the ones who still have to fix it.

Having resentment for an entire world view or institution is incompatible with our real nature.

In a way, resenting god is like victimhood.

I mean, it's just getting tied up in Maya. Going either way with the concept of god.


I lean towards the positive because, if life is a story, gods are freaking cool.

It's not my fault I can't believe in them without heavily focusing my efforts towards magical thinking, though I'm considering it.

Slightly different concept to move into the mythological or superhuman entities, but is definitely part of valuing and appreciating the incredible parts of consciousness.

In terms of two supreme concepts of “Brahman,”

  • One goes toward “God is good," “Life is good.”
  • The other, not.

Pursuing concepts of gods is moving toward “life is good.”

Is it? How are the concepts of brahman related?

What I mean is the principle that “life is good” implies that reality has good things in it.

I mean that the Consciousness, the Intelligence,

Always leads to more inspiration, more fascination, more interesting, more life.

As Jesus says,

“God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.”

Why can I not do away with the concept of god, citing it as empty and proceed to progress in a [theology of salvation]?

The mind is unable to do this, but, outside of mind, you could move into the relationship with God.

At the point of oneness with God, say, oneness with Brahman,

if there is no separation,

this isn’t something happening in mind, so it would be possible for the mind to discard the belief in God.

Ok. I see where you're coming from. Thanks, that's pretty helpful.
I think, if we're actors in a play, it's best to have fun and experience lots and that's sort of faith in the good.

Most definitely. This is putting real faith in the good.