Treasures: Kabir Vs. Kamal

Kamal said to Kabir,

”It is Kamal’s business to take care of his own being, it is not your business. I'm not your disciple. I am a master on my own authority."

“Strangely, it is Kabir who is remembered. He has an organized religion following him.

Kamal has nothing. He never created any following. Although hundreds of people listened to him, he remained only a friend. He helped them, shared his light with them, but never gave any discipline, any commandments, any principles to be followed.

Once you know meditation, you don't have to follow anybody. You have your own eyes open, and you have your light just ahead of you showing the path, and all that is right and all that is good happens choicelessly.

It is not that you are doing it, you cannot do otherwise.” - Osho